Karla and Colin

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How We Met

Colin and I met during our freshman year of college at Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, NY. We had both transferred there from other schools. We had a criminology class together and were paired in a group to work on a semester-long project. We became friends. The stars had not aligned for us at that moment in time. We both ended up switching majors and did not see each other again for over 5 years! Who would have thought the universe would be bringing us back to the Mount one day?

How They Asked

For months I thought I was going to my best friend’s marriage blessing at the chapel at Mount Saint Mary. When we arrived my friend let me know she was running late. We waited for her in front of the library. He asked if we could sit on a bench under a shady tree. From there he began to tell me that the plan had always been to bring me back to where we first met all those years ago and ask me to marry him. After the most beautiful proposal, we went to a quiet dinner just the two of us. “Colin, party of 2,” the hostess said to us. We were taken to the second floor of the restaurant when I heard “Surprise!” from all of our friends and family and just like that we were at our engagement party!

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Special Thanks

Mike Bloom
 | Photographer
Heritage Food + Drink
 | Engagement Party Venue