Karla and Angel

how they asked

On Valentine’s day, February 14, 2017, Angel told me to get ready for a fancy dinner with his brother, his wife and his sister and her husband. Once I arrived at Angel’s brothers house nobody was there, so i started to become very confused. Finally Angel arrived at his brothers house and said that there was a change in plans and we were going to a restaurant instead. As we were driving to the restaurant he kept going in circles and pretending that he was lost. At around 9:30 pm we finally arrived at a park in the Woodlands. As he walked me to the park i see a beautiful table set up with flowers and lights everywhere. He had Wingstop, our favorite food ready for us to eat, as we finish eating he plays a video for me. The video was a slideshow of our pictures over the years with the song “Just the way you are”- Bruno Mars playing. This is a song he would always sing to me. At that moment I started to cry because I knew the best moment of my entire life was about to happen.

Image 1 of Karla and Angel

At the end of the video I see the words Will you Marry me?, I started to cry and he just hugged me and held me tight and started to cry himself. Angel clapped his hands, the signal for our family to come out of hiding. It was the most beautiful romantic proposal, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect proposal. It was like a perfect Dream! Thank you Angel Mendez for making me feel so special and loved!

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Special Thanks

Manuel Mendez
 | Took Pictures
Christina Mendez
 | Decorated
Nora Rodarte
 | Decorated