Karissa and Nick

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How We Met

I was fresh out of college and working as a personal trainer while taking pre-requisite courses for my Masters when I met Karissa. I was personal training at a local gym and worked with one of her older sisters. After hearing of how beautiful she was, I always bugged her sister to bring her out one night and after weeks of harassment, she finally obliged and had Karissa meet us for dinner one evening. When I first saw her I was taken back by how gorgeous she was and soon after spending some time with her I knew that she was something special. After that night, I asked Karissa for her phone number and eventually mustered up the courage to ask her on our first date. since then, we have been inseparable.

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how they asked

From the time I was a young girl, I had always dreamed about being proposed to in Venice on a Gondola ride; I had watched a movie when I was young and the notion had stuck with me. This extravagant dream is what led up to the most amazing proposal. It was a Saturday evening, and I had thought we were stopping at his family’s sleep-away camp before going out for our friend’s birthday celebration. Eager to get to the party on time, I firmly told him I would not be getting out of the car because of the heat and to save time. I had changed my outfit 3 different times that night and didn’t want to delay the festivities any longer. As we pulled up to the lake, I could see someone standing on the docks. It was hard to make out who it was – but I could see that they had a pretty interesting outfit on (striped shirt, rolled up khakis, and a straw hat). As we drove closer, I realized it was one of our good friends who was dressed to the T as an Italian Gondolier and to the side of him was this strange canoe. I didn’t even think twice of getting out of the car at this point. After walking onto the docks, I had realized that the boat in the water wasn’t just a “strange canoe” but instead, a hand-made gondola.

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I was instantly flooded with so many emotions. The three of us boarded the gondola and set sail to the sound of Andrea Bocelli playing through a bluetooth speaker Nick had already placed in the boat. Soon after, he poured us both a glass of champagne and told me of his creative endeavors the last few weeks and how he constructed this gondola from an old family canoe. From this moment on, so much of it was a blur due to my nerves, realizing this was the moment I had dreamed about for years. After expressing his love, Nick quickly got onto one knee with a small box in hand.

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When he asked me to marry him, I instantly said yes, expressing how much I loved him and how perfect everything was. All I wanted to do was hug and kiss him, but any rapid movement had the potential to tip the boat. What was probably 1 second, felt like 50 trying to reach him to kiss him with excitement. After the moment passed, Nick pointed out our Gondolier’s wife in the distance playing her role as the paparazzi. To make this incredibly romantic proposal even more spectacular, once we finally reached the party for our friend’s birthday, I was surprised by my family and friends cheering congratulations for us as we walked in the door. The most spectacular proposal anyone could have ever asked for. A hand-made gondola and friends and family to celebrate the beautiful moment.

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