Karissa and Matthew

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We met at our High School youth group during a New Years Eve Party. He noticed me from across the room and made his way to introduce himself to me. It would be 3 months before we talked again, but the seeds had already been planted. We became our perfect something. I thought finding my true love at 14 years old was impossible, but I was wrong. We have since graduated high school and moved away from our home to go to College together. I knew that he was the one and only person in the entire world for me. We go to Colorado every year for New Years Celebrations because it is my favorite place. New Years has always been a special holiday for us because it falls on the Anniversary of our first meeting at that youth group party so many years earlier. On our 5 year anniversary of our first “Hello” he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him amongst the most beautiful display of lights. Of course I said yes!

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