Karissa and Colton's Game Show Proposal

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How We Met

Colton and I met in a program called Thrive Leadership School at our church. We went on a relationship retreat together, where we learn about finding the “one” and learn how to have a healthy relationship. During this retreat the staff put on a game show to win a date. I was the lucky girl who got to pick between three gentlemen who were behind the curtain. The host asked around 10 questions and the three boys answered on their white boards so the crowd could see. The host would read each answer aloud and I picked the best answer for each question. The winner of the game was Mr. Colton Tucker. We got a $100 gift card for him to take me out. Long story short… We went out and I realized that this man was someone special.

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how they asked

It was December 22 2015. My cousin, Teryn was in town for Christmas break. Her mom had texted me a week previously and said that we were going to celebrate her birthday at Ruth’s Chris on December 22. On the day I suspected nothing out of the ordinary. I woke up and finished my Christmas shopping. I then was getting ready for the night with my sister and brother. Colton was supposed to come along to the birthday dinner and was supposed to meet us at my house. He had called me and said his friend Cameron needed to talk with him at the church and that he would be over shortly after that. Then he called and said that it would be easier if we just picked him up at the church on the way to Ruth’s Chris. My sister, brother and I got in the car and headed to the church to pick him up. We were dancing and making videos. I was very oblivious to what was about to happen. When we pulled up to the church Cameron (Colton’s friend) was outside on the phone, he waved us over and told us to come inside because he had something funny to show us. We jumped outside the car and walked into the church.

Right as I walked in, Andrea (another friend) who was dressed up as a producer, blindfolded me and told me I was late to the show. She walked me towards where I was going, up some stairs, and sat me down. At this point I was confused and had no idea what was going on. Then I heard a familiar voice, Dena (who is a leader at our college group), who was the host of the night. Dena said, “Welcome to the game show of…. “ And then Andrea uncovered my blindfold and everyone in the audience (over 100 people) joined in together and yelled “Will She Say Yes.” I was SHOCKED to see so many people in the audience and automatically tears came to my eyes. The host then introduced Colton Tucker, who was hidden by a curtain and the game show began. The first question was “How did we meet.” The second was “What was your biggest fight.” Then Colton had to answer a series of questions about me to make sure he knew me well enough ;)

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Then the question came “Why do you love Karissa.” Hearing his voice start to answer this question automatically brought tears to my eyes. He began talking and he chocked up (which doesn’t happen ever). Dena then asked the audience to vote if I should say yes and the crowd responded with an overwhelming YES!!! Dena then brought my attention to watch a slideshow Colton had made for me. The slideshow was perfect as he knows my love for photos and our sweet song that was playing in the background, ”Look at Me.” He then tapped me on the back and I finally got to see the man of my dreams face to face. He softly whispered sweet words to me and got down on one knee.

At this point, the audience was blocked out and all I could see was Colton. He asked me to marry him and I said YES! My shock was still very high as I looked around and saw over 100 people that I adore in the room. Colton and I love people and we wanted nothing more to share our special moment with the people who have encouraged and supported us through our relationship. It was a really dream come true.

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