Karissa and Cody


How We Met

I met Cody a little over 2 years ago, he went to the College Church group that I was invited to from a mutual friend. I wasn’t going to go because I was not a very outgoing person. But I sucked it up and pushed through and I am sure glad i did! I remember the very moment I saw him. It sounds cheesy but I saw him from across the room and it felt like a scene from a movie. I noticed him he noticed me and then of course we didn’t talk that night. But in the end timing worked out for us he was asked to do a photo shoot for my Mothers magazine that I was helping coordinate. I Still didn’t even know much about him until that day when I ended up buying him Toms shoes for the shoot because he didn’t bring anything with him. My first gift to him was shoes, when I barely knew his name. Later on he asked me to be his Girlfriend at Paulina falls where we also had our first Kiss. He then moved away for Firefighting for 5 months which we have done every summer since as of 05/30/2014. And the rest has been a crazy adventure!

how they asked

My Old Roommate Kaity Farasyn texted me a few months ago asking if I wanted to do some Photos for her Portfolio and of course I said Cody and I would love to. So around 2 weeks ago Kaity texted me reminding she wanted to do some photos at the Beach. Little did I know her and Cody had been planning this trip behind my back. Cody then picked 05/29/2016 to go on this trip. We left that day to the Beach and When I asked Cody where we would meet her, he wouldn’t give me a straight answer. I then started asking to many questions and not understanding why he couldn’t pick a place. So he said “Ok Karissa I was trying to surprise you with a Hotel so we didn’t need to Camp at the beach. Kaity is meeting us there. That is why I wont choose.” Which I was not expecting so I was so exited! So we met Kaity and moved on to the beach. He didn’t seem nervous at all, So I didn’t suspect anything. We took some photos changed a few outfits. Then “Golden Hour” came, We started posing when Kaity said the Code  “This is Perfect” and Cody said his Code “I forgot to wear My watch” so he went to get it in his bag “AKA the Ring” while Kaity Distracted me by showing me some shots. Then as we were posing he started to talk to me saying “So Karissa I have been trying to find the right time to do this but there is never really a Perfect time.” He had a whole speech planned but he was to excited and nervous that he couldn’t say it all due to me interrupting him saying “what are you doing…. what are you doing…. are you going to make me cry!” He then got down on One knee and asked me to mary him. He was so nervous he was Shaking and of course I was screaming with Joy and Excitement. IT WAS PERFECT! And I wouldn’t have asked for it any other way. And now IM ENGAGED!


Special Thanks

Kaity Farasyn