Karissa and Alvin

How We Met

We met at a car club called imports@cpp during our undergrad at Cal Poly Pomona. We always joke about this because he hit on me, we went on a date and I had NO idea we were on a date, I thought he was just really friendly.

How They Asked

It happened in Hawaii on the Lanikai pillbox hike, on top of a pillbox. Alvin took me to Hawaii for my 30th birthday and I told him on my actual birthday I wanted to do a sunrise hike at lanikai pill box (looking back at it I totally made his job easy ????). We hiked up the trail in the pitch black darkness, mind you it was SUPER windy that day. When the sun began to rise we jumped on top of the pillbox to watch. There were other people around so we just were waiting, enjoying the view. When everyone began to clear out, Alvin opened his backpack and had the ring there and asked me to marry him. He’s scared of heights and he said because of the wind and nerves, he didn’t get on one knee because he was scared he was going to fly off. It was still so magical and sweet because I had no idea.



Special Thanks

Let's Make a Memory
 | Photography
Makeup By Kala
 | Engagement Shoot Makeup
The Walt Disney Concert Hall
 | Engagement Shoot Location