Karis and Tim

How We Met: Tim and I owe quite a bit of our current bliss to Tim’s twin brother Tobie. Tobie and I had worked at Fred Meyer together for about a year or so before he finagled his way into a coffee date with me and a friend of mine. He had dragged his brother Tim away from his ever favorite video game Call of Duty, to meet these pretty awesome girls that he worked with too. The coffee date was a success, and the four of us talked for hours. I apparently made a lasting impression, because on the way home Tim called “dibs.” And after clarifying which one of us he was talking about, the dibs was solidified!

Our relationship grew through late night talks, future coffee dates, and a trip to the zoo where I had the pleasure of meeting Tim’s mom, Sylvia, for the first time. Over two years later, that “dibs” is still holding strong, and we are excited to see what the future brings us!

how they asked: On the week of my very first Neurophysiology test, when the studying was taking its toll, Tim surprised me one night with flowers and dinner plans. He took me to one of our favorite restaurants, Mamma Melina’s, which was conveniently the first Seattle restaurant we went to when I moved here last September. That first time, we were sitting outside on their gorgeous patio, people watching, when we saw this adorable elderly couple. This prompted one our of first discussions about growing old together. Tim reminded me of that scene while we were at dinner, and told me how excited he was for our future together.

After dinner, we walked to University Village (where we’ve had some fun adventures during my time in Seattle so far) for some of our favorite frozen yogurt. After ordering our yogurt, Tim insisted that we eat outside in the freezing cold, much to my confusion (this was February!). He took me to a garden area, filled with Christmas lights, and romantic music playing up above.

At this point, you might think that I was starting to be cued in, but of course, I had no idea and was contently eating my frozen yogurt.

Tim gave me his coat (because of the freezing cold), apparently expecting me to put my hand in the pockets and find the ring. Which of course, again, I didn’t catch on – making it just a little harder for him. After a few minutes, he gave up on that prospect and retrieved the ring himself. He got down on one knee, and proposed with a speech that would have made any romantic movie script proud. I was, of course, crying within the first line of the speech, and almost forgot to say yes in all the excitement! We were going to grow old together!