Karis and Robert

Proposal Ideas Sapphire Point Overlook, Dillion, Colorado

How We Met

Robert and I met in Houston during college and were fast friends, spending our last two years in the same friend group but dating other people. Soon, we had both graduated and moved on to our college relationships. Two years later, we reconnected, and what was supposed to be just old friends spending time together grew into feelings we knew we had to explore. Now, a year and a half later, I’m engaged to my best friend in the world, and I could not be more grateful.

How They Asked

Robert and I moved to Colorado in Fall 2019, and since then, we’ve spent almost every weekend traveling to the Colorado Rockies to ski and hike. Since we share a love for being in the mountains, it was not out of the ordinary for Robert to ask me to drive out to the small, snowy village of Dillon, Colorado for a hike and some weekend skiing together. Little did I know, this supposed “hike” to Sapphire Point would be our last hike as boyfriend and girlfriend. Soon after arriving at this gorgeous mountain trail, we walked down to a point that overlooked a frozen lake with sweeping views and Robert began to tear up as I realized (finally!) what was happening! Before he could even ask me to marry him I was down on my knees with him telling him, “Yes!” over and over. A photographer he hired, Emily, was capturing our moment as a faint rainbow appeared and the snow on the mountain vista shimmered behind us. My perfect day was a complete surprise, and not even the 7-degree weather could chill the warmth I felt after saying yes to forever with Robert.

Special Thanks

Alex Telschow
 | Planning
Zeel Vora
 | Planning
Emily Mae
 | Photographer