Karis and Evan

Karis and Evan's Engagement in Funky Bones @ the Indianapolis Museum of Art

How We Met

Evan and I met in elementary school and started dating in the 7th grade when we nervously shared our first kiss on the Ferris wheel at a local theme park. Eventually, our relationship grew apart, but we remained close friends throughout school. In High School, we shared a close group of friends and were involved in extracurricular activities together, like theater and music. We spent many nights with friends, sharing music, having bonfires, and going on adventures. During our junior year of high school, our relationship rekindled and it quickly became obvious how perfect we were for each other.

Karis's Proposal in Funky Bones @ the Indianapolis Museum of Art

We ended up both choosing to continue our schooling at Purdue University (Boiler Up!). We endured 10 months of long distance, ranging from 4-18 hours away from each other, but it only made us grow closer and learn to communicate better. Now, more than 4 years later, I am confident that Evan is the man God placed on this earth specifically for me. He understands me more than anyone, he is kind, compassionate, and so patient.

Where to Propose in Funky Bones @ the Indianapolis Museum of Art

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Funky Bones @ the Indianapolis Museum of Art

Although in some ways we are opposites, our personalities compliment each other perfectly. He shines light and positivity into every aspect of my life and continually puts a huge smile on my face. He makes each decision with intention and never acts out of anger or spite. He constantly speaks truth and love to my heart. He is my rock, my best friend, and -without a doubt- my soulmate.

how they asked

The significance of our proposal story actually started way back on our first date. Evan took me to see The Fault in our Stars, which is one of my favorite books by my favorite author, John Green. The date was awkward, and he was so nervous that he barely spoke, but I was smitten with the way he cared about my interests.

On our second anniversary of dating, he took me to Indianapolis, where TFIOS is set, and we enjoyed a picnic in the exact spot that Hazel and Gus sat at Funky Bones, a public artwork by Atelier Van Lieshout, at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, along with a day full of other adventures around the city. We often spoke about that day, about how much we loved reliving that moment in the book and how meaningful the date was.

On August 11th, 2018, more than four years after our first date, I opened my eyes to see Evan standing at our special spot once again. He reminisced about our past together and told me about the future he dreams for us. He pulled out a copy of The Fault in our Stars and opened it up, revealing a section in the center of the book that he had cut out, which held a small box.

He got one down on one knee and opened the box that held the most gorgeous and unique ring I had ever seen. He asked me to marry him, and of course, I said yes. I am so thankful for our little infinity and our story that even a John Green novel would be envious of. I’m on a rollercoaster that only goes up.

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