Karis and Andreas

Karis and Andreas's Engagement in Paris

How We Met

I met Andreas while both of us were working in Nairobi, Kenya, five years ago. I am a violinist and was leading the Nairobi Symphony Orchestra, and Andreas had started a financial business but played cello as a hobby with the orchestra. We sat across from each other in the orchestra, made faces and jokes, and the rest was history! One of our favorite things to do together is travel. Both of us are American but we have not lived in the United States for the past 10 years. I recently made the move to Germany for work (Andreas’ family is from there), and we make frequent trips between Africa, Europe and Asia together. Andreas and I plan to live in Berlin after our wedding.

how they asked

I moved to Germany early in 2017, and after I had been living there a few months, Andreas suggested we visit his cousins in Paris. We had been to Paris a few times together, but this time was different. I was dragging my feet because I had to finish my Master’s degree thesis that week and didn’t want to go, but Andreas made sure it happened. When we arrived in Paris, it was late, but our hotel on the Montmartre gave us an excellent view of the Eiffel Tower. Andreas suggested getting up early to see the sunrise – something that we usually do together – but I was tired because we had gotten in so late, and a fog had drifted in over the city. Reluctantly, I still got up with him to see if the sun would make an appearance.

Through a series of events, the place Andreas planned on proposing at was trashed, a garbage truck followed us noisily down all the streets we wandered down, and a newscaster nearly destroyed his timing, but he eventually got me into the peaceful garden at the foot of the basilica on Montmartre. After admiring the view of the city for a while, Andreas told me loved traveling with me and he wanted to travel with me for the rest of his life. Then he got down on one knee and presented a ring! It was a complete surprise – but of course I said yes! We are planning our wedding for August 2018 and look forward to traveling together for the rest of our lives!

Karis's Proposal in Paris