Karina and Sam

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Christmas Tree Farm

How We Met

Our love story is definitely one to share. Sam and I grew up together back in our childhood years. We met through a small little church in California. Sam always had a crush on me when we were growing up (though I never knew this at the moment.) As the years went by, I always noticed him and I thought he was very very cute. I remember one time as I was walking into church, I spot Sam sitting in the very back row. He turned his head when he saw me enter the building and I remember the feeling I got when our eyes met. Right away, Sam (with years of secretly having a crush on me) had a big sweet smile on his face. I couldn’t help but smile back. At this moment I was having so many thoughts running through my mind. Did he smile at me? Did he notice me smile back? Am I over-reacting? As I was walking I felt as if he was still looking at me and this made me very nervous as I entered and took my seat. Right when I sat down, I put my head down and chuckled. I waited a bit and turned around to see if he was still staring at me and there he was smiling at me bright as day. I couldn’t help the butterflies in my stomach. Some months went by, and he finally decided to write to me over social media. After that, we started to talk and began to see each other. In the summer, he asked me to be his girlfriend and when he asked me, he promised me that one day I would be his wife. I said yes, and at that moment I know he would have my heart forever.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Christmas Tree Farm

how they asked

One of my friends texted me and asked me to take a few photos of her and her husband at a cute Christmas tree farm. She told me she has a very nice camera and that she would take some photos of me and Sam as well. I said yes and was so excited for this small little photoshoot. A few days later we got into the car to drive to the shoot, the sun was already setting and it was getting dark really fast. On our way there I was telling Sam to drive fast and I was upset that it took so long for him to pick me up. He told me he was stuck in traffic and was buying my Christmas present. The whole way there Sam seemed to not care that it was getting dark and told me the pictures would come out fine. Once we got there, it was completely pitch dark and super foggy. We parked the car and I told Sam to go and find our friends. I didn’t want to leave the car because of how cold it was outside. He went to go search for them but came back within a minute and told me that he sees them. We started walking towards the trees and along the pathway. I kept telling him I have no idea how our pictures will turn out in this dark place. I was expecting not to stay long and assumed we would be leaving any minute back to the car. Our friends shouted hey guys over here! We turned and started walking towards into the trees towards our friends. I noticed a few trees light up and for a moment I thought, “my friend must really be going all out on this photoshoot that she even decorated the trees!” Once we hit the decorated circle of trees I saw the letters saying will you marry me? I turned to look at Sam and immediately he dropped on his knee. I was definitely caught off guard!! He was so nervous that his whole speech that he had written out became a quick sentence. I started to cry because of how magical this moment was. I thought I was dreaming! Can’t wait to finally start our lives together and marry the man of my dreams!

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