Karina and Roman

How We Met

Roman and I met in high school, 13 years ago, though some mutual friends, and right away start dating, or what we thought was called dating. Being very young and not knowing what relationship really is – we did every “what not to do” in the relationship, and decided to stay friends. Years would go by, but first love cannot be forgotten. Occasional run-intos solidified the memories and feelings and it was the beginning of something new, strong, and mature.

how they asked

Being raised in the 90s in Ukraine, I could only dream of traveling to the US. The first time I saw the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco on TV I made it my ultimate goal and dream to visit the city one day. Only with Roman the dream come true, actually, two of them at the same time. We booked our California trip and all I could think of is that I finally get the see my childhood dream and spent an amazing time with the love of my life. We booked the boat trip to sail under the Golden Gate Bridge, around Alcatraz and see dolphins. I was busy taking pictures of the bridge and dolphins as we sailed under it when Roman turned to me and asked: ” You know how much I love you?” I didn’t suspect anything, especially what was about to happen.

Proposal Ideas San Francisco

As he was saying all of the things I dreamt to hear, my heart starts to beat faster, thoughts of “what if…?” start to creep into my mind and everything felt like in a dream, and then the life-changing question and the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. The tears of absolute happiness start running down my face, hands shaking, voice breaking. I couldn’t believe how lucky and blessed I am. I’ve said “YES” to the love of my life, my best friend, and my soulmate.

Karina and Roman's Engagement in San Francisco

We sailed around Alcatraz when someone asked why am I crying, to which I could only whisper in tears “we just got engaged”. The men congratulated us and yelled to the captain: “We have an engagement here”, and then the bells start to ring and everyone on the boat cheered for us! It was a truly special moment! I always thought that generally, woman’s logic and intuition would sense something is about to happen, but thinking back, I am very embarrassed to admit that my intuition let me down. I’ve had not a single idea Roman was planning this. That’s how in one-day dreams of seeing Golden Gate Bridge and getting engaged to the love of my life came true.

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