Karina and Josh

how we met

My roommate and her boyfriend (now husband) decided to set us up. None of us had high expectations for the whole set up but thought “her best friend’s single… his best friend’s single…what the heck.” I was bartending at the time and decided to meet them out after my shift and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. After the initial awkwardness of the intentional set up, we hit it off pretty quickly. I offered him a ride to the next bar we were headed to and the rest is history as they say. ‘Til this day he is convinced that was me “making the first move”, but I was really just being polite! Turns out we grew up and lived most of our lives less than 10 minutes from each other. We even knew many of the same people but had never met. Timing was everything.

how they asked

Over the years we learned that we are yin and yang. The epitome of opposites attract. I quickly learned, Josh HATES taking pictures. I’m a picture person. I love being able to look back at old, lost memories. This is part of why his proposal was so special. We were on a couples trip to New York where I had never been. On the last day of our trip he told me we were meeting his sister in Brooklyn for food and drinks around the city. He led me to the pier he said had the best view of the Brooklyn Bridge. Being the crime show fanatic I am… I was most excited to compare NY to all the scenes in Law & Order: SVU. We saw a police watercraft on the bay and I went on and on about the similarities between what I’d seen on tv and reality. Meanwhile, Josh kept talking about our anticipated move to Taiwan the following month.

He kept talking about all the things he wanted to do before we left. I thought it was odd because his responses were so off topic and we were pretty much all set to go. In hindsight, I realized he was trying to segway into his proposal! He must have been nervous too because the last thing I said before he just got down on one knee and went for it was, “I wonder if they’re looking for a dead body…” Needless to say, I was completely surprised and that wasn’t the only surprise. Josh pointed out a photographer capturing the whole thing and planned an engagement shoot to happen all around Brooklyn right after the proposal. My boyfriend, who HATES pictures, smiled and had no complaints for all 200+ pictures. Now this iconic, once meaningless to me, bridge will forever hold one of my favorite memories.

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Dumbo, Brooklyn
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