Karina and Jordan

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How We Met

We grew up together in church. Jordan was best friends with my brother when they were younger but went their own ways. According to Jordan he always had a crush on me but I never gave him the time of day. I went away to for my first year of college and came back and that’s when we started talking. He was such a gentleman, always bringing me sweets when he saw me at church, complimenting me and always finding a way to see me. He continued until he got me and I’ve never looked back since.

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how they asked

June 10, 2017, our 4 year anniversary. Jordan and my one of my best friends who is also my brother’s girlfriend had everything planned out. They made me believe we were going to San Antonio for the day to celebrate my brother’s senior year of college and that he had received a great scholarship. I was happy for him but also happy that I was celebrating my anniversary. My parents were going to be there and my brother and Autumn, my brother’s girlfriend and his best friend Zachary. The day was relaxing, shopping at the Riverwalk Mall and later we changed to have dinner at the Tower of the Americas. I was kind of upset because I still hadn’t done anything with my boyfriend to celebrate our anniversary. After dinner he promised to give me my anniversary present but we had to go pick it up. My brother and his girlfriend had to leave to go back to college and my parents were going to go back home to Dallas also because of work the next day. So that left my boyfriend and I to enjoy some time to celebrate our anniversary and pick up my gift. We were walking to down the Riverwalk and he leads me to a path way of rose petals and candles and pictures of us that I’ve given him throughout our 4 years. I was shaking and crying. He told me the sweetest things and got down on one knee and proposed. People all over the Riverwalk were cheering and screaming for us. As I turn around I see my parents, my brother, Autumn and Zach who were all hidden behind trees watching and taking pictures. It was such a special, unforgettable moment and I am so glad he had brought my family there to see it.

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