Karina and Ivan

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How We Met

Ivan and I both met in Venice, Florida. It all started off with us being just friends – snapchats, texts and sending each other songs we liked (well… that was always my excuse to text him haha). And then all of a sudden I realized that I was falling in love with the guy. It took him awhile to catch up ;) Finally, a few months later, we confessed our ‘like’ to each other. We went out to a carnival in our town on a Friday night and Ivan kept insisting to go up on the ferris wheel…so we did! Twice! Apparently he was supposed to ask me to be his girlfriend while we were up there but got cold feet – so he asked me out in the car on our way home…I said yes anyway. ;)

It has been the best journey ever since. He treats me like a queen and most importantly, he LOVES Jesus & music. We have the greatest times together – we laugh, we cry (good tears), we talk for hours + hours and I can’t imagine being without him. He is my absolute best friend, my dream come true!!!

how they asked

Fast forward 361 days later…

My mom, little sister and I were taking a 12 day trip to Europe to visit my mom’s sweet family in Ukraine. My aunt begged us to look into going to London, Israel or Paris while we were there since it was only a 2 hour flight from where we would be staying!

Once my mom heard the word Paris, she knew we had to go since we had never been and only heard beautiful things about the place! We booked our flights and we couldn’t wait! We got to Ukraine on Friday and were leaving to Paris that upcoming Monday evening.

I had talked to Ivan on the phone twice and we only texted a few times since I had left for my trip because he was always “too busy” to talk or just wouldn’t respond as fast as he normally would. Something felt off and I was starting to freak out! I decided to brush it off and enjoy my time away. Little did I know…he was flying across the world to surprise me in Paris to propose!! (like…..WHAT!?!?!?!?)

On Tuesday, March 20th, my family and I were getting ready to take a tour of the most romantic place in the world and our first stop was the Eiffel Tower! My family was in on the surprise proposal and did the best job at being sneaky so I had absolutely no idea what was coming my way. We finally got to the Champ de Mars, a stunning park in Paris, and started taking tons of photos with the lovely tower as our backdrop. Once we finished drooling over the stunning view, we went back around to get a closer look! I then began to notice that my mom and aunt had their phone out snapping pictures, my uncle was recording a video while smiling and crying…I was so confused! Out of nowhere I heard a familiar voice say, ”pretty romantic huh?” I turned around and saw Ivan standing right in front of me! My heart dropped to my toes and a river of tears were rolling down my cheeks! After about three minutes of completely losing it and trying to figure out why in the world he was there, he started saying the sweetest words, pulled out a box that held the most gorgeous ring inside, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and I said “Yes!” to the love of my life in Paris, France!!!

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We got to spend the next few days touring the city together as an engaged couple. BEST TRIP/TIME/MOMENT OF MY LIFE!

Here’s to forever, baby!

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