Karina and David

Karina and David's Engagement in Walt Disney World- Epcot- France Pavillion

How They Asked

My fiancé planned a trip to Disney World with our entire family to attend the annual Food & Wine Festival in Epcot. Little did I know that he would be proposing to me that day, in front of all our family! We started walking through the park the opposite way that we always do because it would get us to the France Pavilion faster. The France Pavilion is my favorite in that park so he decided to propose there!

Where to Propose in Walt Disney World- Epcot- France Pavillion

Proposal Ideas Walt Disney World- Epcot- France Pavillion

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Walt Disney World- Epcot- France Pavillion

We get to France and I really wanted to go get my favorite Disney treat, a raspberry macaroon. He kept telling me to wait a minute cause his parents wanted to go look at something. I was eager to get my macaroon but I waited. I was distracted talking to my cousins and hear his dad call my name. When I turned around, his parents were holding a sign that said: “Karina, Will You Marry Me?” I stood there for a minute, staring at the sign-in shock! I finally turned around and there was my fiancé, down on one knee, asking me to marry him. I was still in shock and it took me a couple of seconds, but I finally said YES! It was such a special day filled with so many emotions and so much love!