Karina and Dave


How We Met

Dave and I met for the first time while I was a marketing intern for a restaurant group, he worked for the company that handled our email communications. Fast forward two years, through many meetings and chance encounters at trade shows, I was offered an entry level position at the same company.


We quickly became friends,having lunch together every day and sharing new underground hip-hop with each other. After a year of working together I moved on to another job, leaving my crush behind. Little did I know, David missed me as much as I missed him. A few months later he got back in touch, newly single and ready to see where our feelings would take us.


After an “official” first date next to Fenway we knew it was finally time for us to have our happily ever after together. The three years since have been filled with surprise date nights, concerts, trips, a new addition to the family (Tyson, the French Bulldog) and more love and laughter than some people experience in a lifetime.


how they asked

After I dropped some “subtle” hints that we should take pictures for a holiday card Dave planned a day out in Boston with one of our best friends and amateur photographer, Michael Stone.

We went to our favorite spots- the Citgo sign, Acorn Street, the Wharf and Christopher Columbus Park. This park holds a special place in my heart. During the winter of 2015, the one with 120″ of snow, Dave broke his foot. Despite this injury and a blizzard we still made it out for Valentine’s Day in the North End. As we made the trek back to the car we stopped at this park. As we looked around we realized we were alone, covered in snow, as if we were in a snow globe. Behind us, the archway was glowing blue and under its lights we realized we could handle anything together – even a broken limb in a blizzard.

Our “holiday card” photo shoot ended at that archway. As Dave and I walked towards the middle, Michael took candids and Dave began telling me how much he loved me and why. As the archway lights up Dave stopped, turned to face me and said”I never want to spend a day without you”.


He dropped to one knee and with four words, made me his forever.