Karina and Alan

How We Met: We “met” 3x over one year before he got the courage to talk to me as he was too shy. Much later he confessed he was mesmerized by seeing me walk across a room one of the first times and he had someone introduce us immediately although he was too nervous to continue the conversation. The third time we had met though, we spent the whole night talking straight, we hit it off instantly.

Image 1 of Karina and Alan

Come time to leave, seeing how I was 17 and he 19, this being before every person had a cellphone, we assumed we may not see each other again. But he was too determined to let that happen, even if it required him going with his friends to funerals of people he never met because they knew I would be there etc. But his persistance paid off. Now at 23 and 25 years old, we are finally tying the knot!

how they asked: Alan had a friend load me up in a car and blindfold me, while driving erratically to throw me off their trail of where we were headed. Eventually I was led down a path until I could hear Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud song playing over speakers. I was unblinded at the bottom of a two-story tower overlooking beautiful gardens. As I climbed the stairway, there was a white paper lily handfolded by Alan on every other step the whole way up. And at the very top, he stood there with two dozen fresh white lilies. He got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I said Yes!!

Image 2 of Karina and Alan

But the surprises weren’t over! Afterwards, he whisked me away to a fancy little local Italian restaurant where we celebrated with his family.

Image 3 of Karina and Alan

Then we ended up at my home where my entire family and many of our close friends awaited to surprise me! It was perfect.