Karin and Georg

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How We Met

Georg: Karin and me met at a blood donation event. I was just sitting outside, recovering from my donation, when our eyes met.

Karin: It was love at first sight. As I saw him sitting on the bench, still a little pale from blood-letting, I felt instantly attracted. We started talking. Georg was himself from the first moment on – that made me feel very secure.

Georg: Karin is so charming! I adore her open minded heart and her sense of humour. After a short time I knew that she’s the woman of my life. I’ve never been happier in a relationship.

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how they asked

Karin: Georg and me kept joking that it will take up to 15 years until Georg is ready to propose. Actually, I hoped it would happen earlier, but I didn’t dare to expect – after all we just knew each other for one and a half year.

Georg: I already started planning the proposal after one year – I just knew that she was the one. But how should I propose? I began to research for ideas and found some stories about proposals at the cinema. I liked the cinema-idea – but I still wanted to organize something more extraordinary for my beloved Karin. So I had the idea to make a short animated film disguised as a movie trailer about our love story and play it within the trailer block, when she is at the cinema. My boss recommended the video production company www.animier-es.de to me. So I contacted them and we started creating.

Karin: When I am imagining today that Georg was planning the proposal for months, behind my back, I cannot believe it. He conspired with all these people: animier-es.de, the cinema, my friends, my family – and I never suspected anything!

Georg: Sometimes there were moments when I thought: Now it’s over – Karin has found out! But no… even as she listened to one of my calls with her best friend, we managed to obfuscate everything and she did not make inquires. Then, finally, the day of the days had come – I was really nervous, when I drove to the cinema.

Karin: My best friend and her husband asked me to go to the cinema. Georg canceled on us because of work – as he said. I was in a relaxed mood: A night out with friends – nothing more. We just enjoyed the preview trailers, as I smiled to myself: there was a trailer of an animation movie, in which the couple meets at a blood donation centre of the red cross – like me and Georg.

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I didn’t even realize that the couple in the trailer played laser tech, went to the leisure park and went to Italy for the holidays – exactly as we did!

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Only in the end, as the cartoon character spoke with Georg’s voice, my heart interrupted for a second.

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Georg: I was sitting in the first row, hidden in the darkness of the cinema. When I think back now, I was amazingly calm. I asked myself, how Karin, some rows above me, was reacting? Did she get the hint? Then I saw me as cartoon character on the screen, speaking with my own voice and then the light turned on. I grabbed the bouquet of roses and the ring and walked up to her.

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Karin: The first thing I thought, when I saw Georg, coming up with a bouquet in his hand, was: Oooh shit! The second thing was: Yes yes yes! And the third thing: Damn’, why didn’t I dress up?

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Georg: When I knelled down in front of Karin, my heart was bumping. I told her that she didn’t need to wait 15 years as we always jokingly said – then my lips formed the magical words: “Will you marry me?”

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Karin: “Yes! Yes! Yes!” – There was no question, what to answer. It was just sputtering out of me and I needed to hug and kiss my Georg. I was so overwhelmed by emotions.

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Georg: When I put the ring on her finger and I felt her reaction, I was also overcome by my emotions I felt so happy.

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Karin: There was my whole family at the cinema and all our friends – everyone was applauding. I couldn’t believe it! Georg definitely made me the cutest proposal in the world – but the best thing about the proposal wasn’t even the whole act, it was that it was him and me – and that we share this wonderful memory.

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Georg: I can’t wait to marry Karin. We will say “Yes” in June 2017. Now, you’re wondering, if I am already cooking up the next surprise? Well, that’s my secret… otherwise it’s no surprise!

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