Karim and Richard


How We Met

I met Richard via social media through our local car club in October of 2014. He was new to the group and I had sent him a friend request. I did not know at the time that he was deployed. He had posted a question about a a service for his car and I had recently had the same service done on my car, so i sent him a message. We had a simple short conversation. He was very polite thought nothing of it. I wasn’t looking for romance. I was also building a business at the same time where health and fitness was the base. He looked to be in good physical shape and I thought he would be interested in my products business or both. I Never would have thought he would be interested in me. I have no idea how or when our conversation turned from innocent to flirty. It could have been at the time he made a point to tell me he was waiting for his divorce to finalize.

I was recently divorced myself and understood how awful it could be so i empathized with him. We began chatting and after Halloween it became evident that we had to meet in person. We had made plans for the weekend and there was a new hibachi grill with a funny name “Kuchi” that i suggested we try. He agreed and we had our first date on November 8, 2014. He opened the car door for me! He opened all doors for me! He seemed to be shy yet confident. The date was quite awkward and great all at the same time. I could tell he was nervous and I found that endearing. We shared a very awkward hug at the end while he told me he had a good time. He also told me he wanted to be respectful of me due to his still being legally married and that it was a “friend date”. At that moment I believed he didn’t want to see me again or he wasnt into me. Ive been on good dates before that turned out that way so i assumed the worst.

A few minutes after he left i sent him a message that i had a good time and we should do it again and he agreed! I was not expecting that! The next day my oldest son had a birthday party to attend at a bowling alley and I did something iI never did before. I invited him to keep me and my younger son company at the bowling alley. I never introduce a man to my children so quickly and i lmew he did not have kids so he would most likely decline. To my surprise he obliged and came to the bowling alley 40 min away from his home.  My kids loved him! After that night I couldn’t imagine anyone else! Things picked up pretty quick after he met the kids. VERY QUICK! That Monday (11.10.14) he was off and he invited me for lunch. I usually do not go anywhere for lunch but I accepted the invite! He took me to Jimmy Johns and again opened all of my doors! We sat in a window seat enoyed good conversation and we left.

While in the car on the way back to my office he officially asked “Will you be my girlfriend” i dont think anyone had asked me that since middle school so i had to say yes!  His “old school” ways really had my attention! His divorced was finalized the following months and again things picked up quickly. It was the holiday season and we had spent thanksgiving together. We went to black friday shopping and i didny have much money but i needed a TV and he bought me the TV! I was taken aback never had i met a man so selfless. Christmas was approaching and my stress levels were through the roof stretched thin financially as I had just moved into a house the week before we met.

I  was struggling to buy my kids christmas gifts and Richard asked me if it was ok for him to buy my kids gifts. I couldn’t decline as much pride i had i put it aside and accepted his request. The moment he put my kids needs first was the moment I wanted a forever with him. We have had our ups and downsbut we have always found our happiness again. Since meeting Richard I have learned so much about myself and about love. I learned how to let him love me. I never realized how closed my heart was. I had to pry it open and just be vulnerable to it all. I put my trust into this man and I cant imagine a life without him. We have shared so many memories. He has been a positive influence on my 2 boys and they couldn’t wait for him to propose! In fact they took part in the proposal!


how they asked

July 22, 2016 we took our first family vacation to Puerto Rico. We were visiting my father and taking advantage of the time. We traveled all over. Everyday there as an adventure waiting. There was no set schedule or itinerary it was go with the flow but keep it moving! I had a feeling he was going to propose soon didn’t think it would be on vacation because there would be no plan or opportunity for it. Little did I know he was conspiring with my kiddo for the perfect moment! The story of that day is found on the link to the video i provided. It was a memorable unforgettable day! I am still im shock!


We had planned a Beach day at Culebra Islands Flamenco Beach.


We were nearing the end of our trip and running outt of days to make it to my #1 dream beach! I was determined to make it happened and sacrificed sleep and food! That morning at 2am we were on our way to one of the top 10 beaches in the WORLD!!  Flamenco unfortunately we knew we may not make it because the system to get there is complicated and difficult to obtain a way there. We thought of flying but it was not affordable for a family of four so we decided to take our chances at the Ferry. We were told to be there before 2 am for the 9am ferry to purchase tickets as they were limited and high in demand!

It was 730 am and the ticket booth had just opened we were behind a hundred other people. A few people went in and after 3 minutes an announcement over the loud speaker “no hay mas boletos para el ferry de las 9am” “there are no more tickets for the 9am ferry” next ferry was 3pm and there was no way we would have wasted an entire day waiting in a line. Struck with disappointment and proud of my kids for being patient Richard and I brainstormed Plan B. We decided to try our luck on the 3rd beach on my dream beach list. We had already struck out on the first 2. 3rd is the charm right? I wanted to go to Manatí, PR to a beach named Mar chiquita (little ocean) and perhaps since we are there check out posa de las mujeres (4th on my list, also struck out lol).

We drove 2 hrs to get there! The beach was amazing we were there all day “snorkeling” and swimming with fish! I didnt feel pretty at all. My hair was crispy with salt and my face was dried out because of the sun and salt as well. I had sunburn from a beach we went to days prior. I was in desperate need of makeup and a brush! My eyes were baggy and my mind was sleep deprived. I was having fun yet I was so exhausted! The beach was beautiful and breathtaking! I could stare at it all day! My kids LOVED it! The fish, the coral, the odd sea creatures! Something for everyone! Nearing 3pm I was ready to go!

Richard and my son wanted me to climb these death rocks. I have heard that the waves crash there so hard it could pull a person into the open ocean and people have drowned climbing on them for pictures! Supposedly he was going to propse there but i respectfully declined to climb to my death lol.  So he and my son whispered and conspired some more of a plan b. I had no idea. I wasn’t really paying attention i just really needed my brush! Richard had my son write the question in the sand, in the mangrove behind us!

My son started screaming he found a crab and come check it out and I was like hell no im not going to where crabs are! lol after about 5 minutes of begging Richard was like “babe just go it’s not that bad”. So I finally went to go check out the crusty crab. I went and saw something written in the sand and was confused! WILL YOU MARRY ME?


I thought how cute my son asked me to marry him! At that point, I felt Richard grab my hand from behind and turn me around and he was on one knee.


He was as nervous as the first day I met him! I kept thinking OMG this is happening! right here?! Now?! Did he tell my dad? Omg what if he didn’t talk to my dad!?! Why now?! Why not now?!?! Omg this is happening. I don’t even know what he said to be honest. All I remember is him sliding the ring on my finger and me saying yes and kissing him!




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