Karianne and Samuel

How We Met

Dating long distance is hard, but after a weekend of vacation that didn’t stop me. A friend of mine invited me down to visit some old friends of hers. Sam was one of these old friends. After a weekend together, we knew we had to see each other again. Every night we would talk, and two weeks later Sam came for a visit. Then and there we decided to date. No distance could stop us.

how they asked

Sam and I had been dating long distance, about 260 miles apart. So every time we had a chance to see each other we would plan a great weekend together, this usually happened once a month. Little did I know, he planned a special day trip to surprise me. I have a photographer friend who needed a model around the annual Tulip Festival in Utah, or so she said. She dolled me up and we had fun taking pictures. After one of the pictures I felt a hand on my arm, turning around I saw Sam who had come all the way up to propose in the most beautiful and surprising way ever.

Image 1 of Karianne Jamison and Samuel