Kari and Garrett

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How We Met

It was March 2014 when I joined the bandwagon of online dating and set up a profile on eharmony. I filled in every question and made sure to post about my son, who had just turned 2 in January. After a few weeks of weeding out guys I had nothing in common with or that didn’t like kids, I received a message from my now fiance but I couldn’t open it. I tried the app on my phone as well as the full site on my computer and still couldn’t see it. So, I messaged him letting him know that I wasn’t ignoring him I just couldn’t open his message. His response will forever be saved in my mind, he sent back a funny but true remark, which was “dang technology”. And so began the greatest adventure of my life! We made things official after a handful of dates, which was over thr span of a few months since he lived 2.5 hours away.

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How They Asked

I’m gonna be honest and explain that he never got down on one knee or made a big spectacle of the proposal, which is ok with me. We had been together for 4 years, bought a house together, and even welcomed a new baby boy into the world December 2017. The year leading up to our decision to get married we’d had a lot of devastation in losing close family members and watching his nieces’ lives get turned upside down.

We wanted to make sure that if anything ever happened to one of us, more specifically me, we had it legally set up that he would keep my oldest since he’s the only father he has ever known. We looked into getting a Will stating our wishes and after talking with a lawyer and discovering that a Will is a good thing to have, it won’t stand up in court if we aren’t married. So, after a few hours of discussing our options and thoughts for our future, we went ahead and announced that we were going to get married!