Kari and Troy

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How We Met

The first time I met this amazing man, was a little over 2 and a half years ago at a Red Robin restaurant by way of mutual friends during a group happy hour trip. Immediately, his smile pierced my heart and I just had to engage in conversation with him. I knew nothing of who he was, not even his name. I could tell that he was extremely well liked, as everyone in our group wanted to talk with him. He was nicely dressed, and can I just say…he smelled like heaven! To this day, I melt from his tantalizing scent every time I nuzzle his neck, or rest my head on his chest. I’ve never met a man who smelled better!! Ok ok, back to my story……. He and I began to make small talk, and I felt an instant chemistry with him. Something about the ease of conversation, flirty vibe, and the twinkle in his eye made an impression on me that would not fade away into the night.

Instead, I wondered about him often, and after learning who he was and where he worked (we work for the same organization), I could only hope that we’d run into each other again soon. He shared with me that he had a gorgeous view of the desert from his back patio, and that he loved to frequently soak in his jacuzzi and watch the night sky. I often daydreamed of taking him up on the offer he put out to visit sometime. There was no exchange of information at that point, and at the end of the evening, all I took away with me was his first name. A good 6 months passed before I’d see him again, and sadly it was much too brief of an encounter. Again, through virtually the same circle of co-workers, we ended up in the same place together. It was summertime, and we were in Las Vegas.

He was just passing through, and we only had a few moments together. Nonetheless, seeing him gave me butterflies in my stomach, much the way it did the first time we met. I wished him well in his travels and we both went our separate ways….. again. Today, I tease him a lot about not having pursued me any further during either of those two opportunities. He’ll probably tell you a slightly different version of the story, because I was not exactly alone and he’d figured I was unavailable. The lesson from that way of thinking would be, when assumptions are made everyone loses! We could have started down our journey a year earlier! Anyway, one of my favorite memories of this time before we actually started dating is when he came to visit me in my office at work.

He came in, full uniform (mmm mmm), and gave me a hug that sent my heart racing. Mind you, it had now been about a year since the first time we met, and this was the only time he’d made his way into my department to say hello to me. I was beyond happy to see him! Now, fast forward probably another few months….. I’m having drinks with one of my closest girlfriends at a neighborhood bar (probably more than I needed to be having!), and I proceed to tell her that I can’t get this one guy off my mind. At first she has no idea who I’m talking about, until I refresh her memory a little bit.

She says to me, “what’s wrong with you, why don’t you just call him”! After I whine to her that I don’t even have a phone number to reach him, she points out that I can always reach him through our work email. Thankfully, since I looked up his last name on the company website not too long after we’d met (NO, I’m not a stalker!), she was right…I could email him! I pulled out my phone and opened up my email…then I panicked! I couldn’t hit on somebody through business email! Before I could put my phone down, she snatched it out of my hand and sent off a short email asking him to call me when he had a chance. OMG…I was mad and excited all at the same time!

This was a Friday night, and come the following Monday at work, he emailed me back asking me to give him a call if there was something I needed. I mustered up the courage, after trying to find some lame reason to have emailed him, and I called. We spoke on the phone almost an hour, and made plans to go out on a date later that week. Our first date started out at a dive bar, then moved to Outback Steakhouse. It was on a Wednesday in April of 2015. To say we hit it off is a huge understatement! Our second date quickly followed that Friday night….and as they say…the rest is history! Thank God for good friends and a little alcohol courage!

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how they asked

In the 16 months or so that we have been together, we’ve gone on several adventures. We love to travel! We’ve taken 4 cruises and visited many states. Our most recent cruise was on Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas and we sailed from Port Canaveral, Florida to the Bahamas.

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The universe definitely heard my wishes each time I had a shooting star sighting over the last few months, because on that Saturday, my most longed-for wish came true – He proposed!! The day was already fabulous, having spent it at the beautiful Atlantis water park (mostly floating down the lazy river).

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As our day winded down, we took a stroll to the cove and took in the breathtaking views of turquoise blue water and the magnificent Atlantis towers. Our plan was to make our way to the casino tower, and grab a drink.

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As I started out in that direction, he tugged my hand towards another area of the beach, one that was private and quiet. I figured he wanted to snap some more pictures. Then it happened! I turned away from the water, to hear what he was saying, which went a little like, “let me see if I can make it through this without crying….”. He went down on one knee, and pulled out the little black ring box. At that point, my heart must have jumped right out of my chest. His words were spoken so sweetly, so sincere. My eyes welled with tears and my heart filled with joy. I couldn’t say YES fast enough! Though married before, this was my first and only actual proposal. No man had ever got down on one knee for me, or presented me with such a beautiful ring.

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It was a moment I will never forget, and one that I love to relive by telling my story to friends and family. I’m the luckiest girl in the world! Not only did he take me away to a beautiful place, but he proposed on a beach, in the bahamas, at sunset. PERFECTION.