Kari and Garrett

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How We Met

Once upon a time…okay, okay, I’m sure you guys get that all the time. But seriously, here’s our story:

Garrett and my best friend had been on a few dates 5 years prior to the day I met him so when we ran into him in September of 2013, I immediately assumed their flame would be rekindled. And little did I know, based on his first impression of me, he had texted his best friend “hey man, I found a girl for you.” But after getting to know me, Garrett decided he was playing for keeps and texted his friend again to say “Just kidding, I like her.” At the end of the day, Garrett and I ended up in the same bucket on a Ferris Wheel where he took opportunity to ask me out. I was shocked! But I got the okay from my best friend to go out with him and 2 days later we had our first date.

After dating for about 3 months, Garrett told me he’d been hired by a fire department in Washington and would be moving at the end of the year. I told him it was something he needed to do and to call me if he ever came back to LA. And so he did. He called every time he came back to visit the city and eventually he wanted us to commit to a long distance relationship. My initial reaction was no since my previous LDRs had failed but I reluctantly agreed but told him he better find a job back in LA because “I’m never going to move to Washington.” If you should know anything about landing a job as a firefighter, it’s that it isn’t easy. With extensive background checks, lie detectors and agility tests for each department application, it’s nearly impossible to just pick one and get hired there. After 7 months of being planes, trains and automobiles away from each other, I decided it was only fair to pass my resume around too. I was already in the process of transitioning my career from fashion into marketing when I landed a job with a marketing firm in Washington. A month later my car was packed and we were making the drive North.

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how they asked

Since we ended up on a Ferris Wheel the day we met, whenever the idea of Garrett proposing came to mind, that’s exactly where I envisioned it. A few weeks before our trip to San Fransisco, I mentioned that I wanted to go to Seattle soon (where there is a huge Ferris Wheel) and he shrugged it off saying we’d get there some day.

Having our trip planned since February, the itinerary was to see two baseball games at two different stadiums because the Dodgers were in town and my guy is a HUGE fan. Garrett mentioned we’d be going to brunch before what I thought was going to be an Oakland A’s game. As I was rushing to get ready, he told me to slow down and confirmed I had time to curl my hair. My guy just gets me.

Because he’s a firefighter, his interest in walking to the fire station under the Bay Bridge wasn’t out of the ordinary. As his sweaty palms were practically dragging me down the Embarcadero, he drew my attention to my left where there was a fireboat cruising out in the bay. He then pointed to my right where 3 people were walking towards us holding a sign that said “Marry Him”. By the time I realized the 3 messengers were my best friends from LA, SF, & NYC, Garrett was down on one knee. When he asked me to be his wife, I said the only word that came to mind, “Absolutely,” and as he slipped the ring on my finger the fireboat began spouting water.

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Special Thanks

Mandie Del Giudice
 | My friend who was one of the 3 messengers is a writer. She wrote it from her perspective.