Karena and Jimmy

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sah-Hah-Lee golf course

How We Met

Jimmy and i met a couple years back at church, we alway knew of each other and i thought he was the cutest boy ever. Little did i know, a couple years later we started talking again, but more serious this time. We had our first date in Sacramento, where from there he brought me to San Francisco, because I’ve always wanted to see the Golden state Bridge and he made it happen.Then after that trip we had to go back home, me to Washington and Jimmy to Arizona. Long distance.. From that day on we became a couple. Now 2 and a half years later, we are still together and happy as ever.

how they asked

Karena’s Version: The day of the proposal was the most perfect day, i woke up so happy and going on with the day just loving him. Jimmys cousin does videos and jimmy and him convinced me to do a couples shoot of jimmy and i, for his portfolio , so i went along with it, not thinking anything of it. We started out the going up to the mountain to shoot some chips for the video, and we walked around the mountain, just holding his hand and smiling at each other, he kept telling me how beautiful i looked all day long and that I’m so cute and he’s so lucky to have me. It was all so perfect, and then grabbed a hot chocolate and went to trillium lake to take a video of the lake and jimmy and I.

After all the video shooting i was so exhausted and i passed out in the car, on our way to Sah-Hah-lee Golf course, were jimmy and i always go golfing when he is in town. When we got there he woke me up and we jumped in a golf cart, because the videographer asked them if we could it for the shoots, for video purposes because he thought it would look amazing. I should have known right there something was going on, but i didn’t! I was so clueless. We start driving down the golf course, and we are just staring at each other, while the drone does circles around us shooting videos. Then we get to the corner of the golf course, by a little lake and trees all around, and we come to stop, and he grabs my hand. I still don’t know whats going on, till he whispers to me “ONEDAY” thats what he always told me when i would ask when we are gonna get married.

Then i knew something was up. We start walking and i see the most perfect proposal set up, with a whole wall of pictures and lights and a marry me sign all laid out. I broke down in tears of happiness. I didn’t know but the morning up he woke up at 6 am to go there and look for a location and go buy all he needed to pull off my dream proposal. He had the help of my amazing family and friends. I feel so loved and blessed to have such an amazing fiance that would do anything me.

As we walked down to the proposal, he holds my hand and says, a whole speech and one thing was so cute to me, he said “Karena I’m not jimmy without you” i couldn’t stop crying and smiling. The man of my prayers then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, and i said YESS!! Did i mention that my ring is PERFECTION!!!! Everything I’ve ever wanted and more. i love you Jimmy Benteu. I can’t wait for the distance to finally be over and spend forever and ever with my best friend.

Jimmy’s Version: She would always tell me to propose already because she couldn’t wait and my answer to her was always “One Day.” The whole day was planned weeks in advance, yet we went to each place as if we were making it up on the spot. She is always figuring out my next move so I had to completely trick her and make her think that what we were doing next was all her idea. We planned it perfectly, my cousin had told us he just picked up new camera equipment for his sisters wedding and said he wanted to shoot some videos of Karena and I to add to his portfolio. So we began the day at Panera bread trying to ‘figure out’ where we would start shooting some videos. Our first stop brought us to Timberline Lodge at Mount Hood where we walked around in some of the snow from the other day, of course the first chance I got I HAD to grab a snowball and chuck it at her just for fun! After taking footage for about two hours and freezing outside we than headed inside for some nice hot chocolate by the fire.

Our next stop brought us to beautiful Trillium lake over looking Mount Hood! After some more videos we ‘decided’ our next stop would be a golf course that Karena and I go to every time I’m in town. When we got to Sah-Ha Lee golf course the very generous owner already had a golf cart waiting out front for us to use. Now to my amazement she still had absolutely no idea what was even going on, I mean cmon they randomly let us use a golf cart! Now this is where my heart started pounding through my chest, We began our way down towards hole 4 where I had some of our closest friends set up and waiting in the bushes for us to arrive! After taking some more drone videos we pulled up to hole 4 only than when she saw the set up she realized what was going on. As we got out of the golf cart she couldn’t believe it was finally happening and instantly started tearing up. As we were walking to the to pictures and heart made out of roses I brought her close to me and whispered in her ear “One Day” she was overwhelmed with tears! I than grabbed her by the hands, told her how much I loved her, got on one knee and asked her to marry me!

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