Karen and Will's Adorable Proposal in Oahu!

Image 1 of Karen and Will

How We Met

Will and I met during my freshman year of college – he was in a fraternity and I was in a sorority. I immediately developed a huge crush on him (I mean just look at him) but never acted on it! The next few years after that we were close friends who constantly flirted with each other and even shared a couple of kisses, but it wasn’t until my senior year of college we decided to get serious! Looking back now, I am so glad we waited until we were older and towards the end of our college careers to get together. All my past relationships before Will made me really appreciate how great he treated me and how he has always been the perfect one for me!

Our first picture together in Spring of 2011:

Image 2 of Karen and Will

how they asked

After 3 years of dating and 1 year of living together, Will finally popped the question!

Will comes from an extremely large family so his family had a trip planned to go to Hawaii for a week in March. We packed our bags and took off to meet his family (17 of them) in Hawaii! The hotel we stayed at, Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club, offers complimentary entertainment nightly for hotel guests. We decided to attend the “Fia Fia” show which is set up like a Fire/Luau show. The host of the show was perfect – he was engaging, comical and entertaining to watch. He would randomly call on people to come up to the stage to participate in show. Sure enough, I was eventually called on to come up. I was so embarrassed and did not want to go at all (I do not enjoy embarrassing myself in front of 200 people) but I went anyways. He had introduce myself and asked a couple of questions. Eventually he asked who I was with and I responded with “That whole big group right there! That’s my boyfriend’s family”.

He insisted I bring my boyfriend up too so Will walked right up and introduced himself. We were asked to say some funny things to each other and also shout things like “Honey I love you!” into the microphone. I am positive I was as red as a tomato at this point and just couldn’t wait to get off the stage. The host of the show then gave us these floral crowns to place on our heads. Will walked towards me to place the crown on my head and immediately after he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Image 3 of Karen and Will

I felt like my heart was going to burst at this moment!! My hands got shaky, eyes were watery and heart was pounding out of my chest. At the same time I could hear the crown of 200+ people cheering us on and clapping for us. There are no words to describe how amazing that moment was! I said yes and he placed my dream ring onto my very, very shaky hand. In the last 3 years that Will and I have spent together – I had never seen him cry until that day.

Image 4 of Karen and Will

I’m pretty sure we kissed over 50 times on stage but we didn’t care, we were just so happy in that moment and never wanted it to end. I am so lucky that Will took the time to plan all this out perfectly and for his whole family to be there and to share that with us!

Image 5 of Karen and Will

Image 6 of Karen and Will