Karen and Vito

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Kirkjufell mountain, Iceland

How We Met

Karen and I met at a Dragonboat Dryland practice at Ryerson University in Toronto. Karen was on the Dragonboat Varsity team, and at the time, I was exercising with the guys on the team (also my classmates). The guys invited me to their dryland practice which is where I truly experienced love at first sight. I saw Karen through the mirror we were all facing and I’ll never forget the feeling of my heart skipping a beat. We completed the very difficult hour of exercises and on our way out of the gym, we bumped into each other. I fell in love again when I heard her speaking with an accent. The rest is history.

how they asked

We were road tripping through Iceland in a camper van. We arrived at Kirkjufell mountain and there was this magical rainbow over it. I couldn’t believe the sight in front of us. We walked up the waterfalls to find the best spot to take a cute photo together.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Kirkjufell mountain, Iceland

He was setting up the tripod as he usually does and was taking a few test shots of just me. He finally said “ready?” Then hit the shutter button. As it beeped down from ten he walked towards me, I asked: “What should our pose be?” He kissed me, went into his jacket pocket then got down on one knee.

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