Karen and Shan's Marriage Proposal in Dubai

So the story begins with my ring. Last year I went to Dubai with my parents and while out shopping I saw a ring and completely fell in love with the band of the ring. I sent it to Shan just to give him an idea that if he was to ever propose this would be a perfect ring. We had looked at some rings in the past just as we were passing shops but nothing really stood out to us.


Onto the proposal… A couple weeks prior to the proposal, Shan told me he had to go to Dubai on business for a couple of days and had already spoken to my parents for permission to see if I could accompany him. The first thing that popped into my head was…he’s going to propose!!! The second thing that popped into my head was…But what if he doesn’t and it actually is just for business!!! As a person who loves romance and loves stories my mind did start to wonder but I tried not to get my hopes up. A couple days before we were due to leave, Shans mom called me on the phone and said that Shan and I only have a few days in Dubai and had a lot of work to do. Speaking to her completely stopped me thinking of any proposal and I actually started to believe we were going for business.

We flew out Friday evening and arrived in beautiful Dubai on the Saturday morning. Shan told me we had back to back meetings on the Sunday so we could just relax on the Saturday. After breakfast, Shan was adamant that he had to go to the gym but I realised he hadn’t changed into his gym trainers which is unlike him. I never mentioned anything as I thought maybe he just forgot. During the day we just lounged by the pool until we were moved into a own beach pool villa. It was absolutely stunning! In the evening we decided we would go for dinner and just have a relaxed evening in the hotel.

Half way through drinks he excused himself to go the bathroom. I sat waiting for him for around 10 minutes, which then turned into 15 minutes and after about 20 minutes later I called him to ask if he was ok. He said he wasn’t feeling to good so I asked if he was in the room so I could go a check on him. He told me he wasn’t in the room and to just wait where I was. A few moments later the hotel manager came up to me to say Shan was in the room and had hurt his ankle. I had to have a little giggle to myself because she didn’t realise I had just spoken to him on the phone and the two stories didn’t match up but I thought Hey, I’ll go along with it. At this point I started to think Shan was planning something, not a proposal but maybe a romantic dinner.

I knocked on the door and Shan opened it with a big smile on his face, when I walked back into the room it was full of roses, balloons and….towel swans! I still thought he was just being his romantic self and had the room decorated. He took me outside where there was a photographer and a videographer waiting, capturing every moment. At this moment I realised it was a proposal! He arranged for a harpist to play John Legend ‘All of me’ as I walked onto the beach where he proposed. He did try to put the ring on the wrong finger but I quickly reminded him. We were surrounded by candles and roses (and some excited staff and guests!) which was then followed by an impromptu photo shoot (mostly of me just staring at my ring) and dinner on the beach. The ring was the ring I sent him a picture of when I was in Dubai and I had no idea he had been to Dubai 3 times on his way back from business trips to design my ring and arrange all the final details. It was the most romantic and perfect proposal I could have ever imagined. Every time I look at my ring it takes me back to that moment and I feel incredibly lucky to have found Shan. He’s always treated me like a princess and to know he went to all that effort and thought makes me feel so special. I can’t thank him enough for everything he did to make it such a memorable proposal.

Marriage Proposal in Dubai

Marriage Proposal in Dubai


Marriage Proposal in Dubai




When Shan said he was going to the gym, he really went to meet the hotel manager to sort all the final details out. I can’t thank all the management and staff at Anantara Dubai enough, they were all so friendly and helpful and did so much to make the proposal perfect especially as Shan was arranging it all while he was in London. Bernie and team at Bernard Richardson Weddings were incredible. Bernie was never intrusive and let us completely enjoy the whole proposal, nothing felt forced or scripted. The team just blended into the background and made it feel more natural, rather than us feeling conscious of camera’s being around us. The photos and videos were beyond our expectations and we both absolutely loved them. The harpist Lidia was amazing. She is incredibly talented and I could have listened to her play all day. She set the whole mood of the evening and every time I hear that song I always think of Lidia and how she made it sound even more special.


Photos by: Bernard Richardson Wedding  Photography // Location: Anantara