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How We Met

Santiago and I have known each other for 4 years now, back then I was working on a project in which we rented offices to entrepreneurs. Santiago rented an office with us and he is the type of person that becomes friends with everyone the minute he walks into the room. The first time I saw him I was sitting on the hallway floor in a video conference so I just waved at him. Later on, he organized a coffee tasting session with his partner and I’m the type of person who loves details, especially if they’re sweet and edible, so I bought a box of cupcakes for his guests and that’s when he knew he was going to marry me someday.

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A couple of weeks later he invited me over to dinner at his friends’ house, I didn’t realize it was a date, so the next day he called me again to make things clear and asked me on a date. We made a picnic on the roof of his truck at a scenic viewpoint and ate Korean food (my favorite). For our second date, he called and asked me to wear clothes I didn’t care about because I would have to throw them away afterward. That day he picked me up and took me to a park where he had arranged a set with two white canvas, painting, music and food. From there on, all of our dates were adventures, something new and that’s how I fell for him and decided I would marry him someday.

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how they asked

Three years later we went together to Napa Valley where he would take part in an IronMan. The day of the race he had to complete a 2.4-mile swim, followed by a 112-mile bike ride and topped off with a regulation length marathon. He still had 9 miles to go and he was in terrible condition, exhausted physically and mentally. Just to throw some context in, I couldn’t even run 1.5 miles in a row at the moment, but I knew how important the race was for him so I jumped in to cheer him up and we finished it together. That was one of the greatest experiences in my life and I learned your body is just as strong as your mind is.

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The next day he proposed in a picnic in San Francisco and I’ll never forget his words: “Life’s ups and downs don’t matter; the important thing is to never stop moving forward”. As we finished the race together, a new stage in our lives begun. We planned the wedding for a year and it was the most exciting thing ever as a couple.

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Everything went very smoothly, not at all hard and stressful as they sometimes say, and we really enjoyed the wedding day and learned how good it is to be loved and full of happiness.

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