Karen and Manuel

Karen and Manuel's Engagement in Lyndhurst Municipal Park

How They Asked

Congratulations Karen and Manuel! “It started as a regular date night where he was running a few minutes late which never happens but I thought nothing of it. I then receive a call from my dad asking me to bring him his spare car key. I was hesitant but I agreed to do him the favor anyway, he was only 2 minutes away. I called Manny to tell him I would be 5 minutes away from my house since he was picking me up, abruptly and all frantically he said ok whatever and hung up on me. He never acted this way and now I’m thinking he’s upset because I’m always late. So quickly I met up with my father, handed him the keys and made my way to my car but my dad grabs my arm and says “your mother wants to show you these scary statues, come here”. My parents are very dorky like that so I thought nothing of it and again hesitantly I agreed to go. “Yes, dad very scary now I have to go before I’m late when Manny gets there.” “No wait let me show you this beautiful fountain.” “Dad I don’t have time.” “It’ll be quick.” Once I approached the fountain, my dad says to me “good luck, I love you.

There is someone waiting for you at the end of this.” I started to hear our song in a loudspeaker. I saw a long lane, our initials “M” and “K” and a heart made out of candles with so many pictures of our dog, Oliver, Manny and I pinned to the fence of this beautiful fountain that changed color. I immediately knew that this was the moment I dreamed of. For 7 years I had pictured this occasion and it was far beyond more perfect that I could have ever imagined. I couldn’t control my tears as Manny was giving me his most heartfelt speech of how much he loved me and our pup Oliver. With a light up ring box, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I am the luckiest girl in the world to have my family and him plan such a perfect proposal! I still can’t believe I am going to marry my college sweetheart!

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