Karen and Julien

How We Met

Julien and I met 5 years ago during a wine tasting in New York. There was something about him that immediately caught my eyes. We are both gastronomy lovers and we have so much in common that it wasn’t a surprise we finally got to know each other. And when he started speaking to me, I knew he will be the love of my life.

I liked everything about him right away, his way of speaking with a lovely French accent, the way he was looking at me, and how passionate he is about everything he is talking about…

How They Asked

For our 4th anniversary, he prepared a big surprise for me. I knew he would have prepared something, but I didn’t expect that two of my dreams will come true in the same week! So, on a Friday he just asked me to pack my luggage for a week, but I had absolutely no idea of the destination! I literally harassed him on our way to the airport to know what was going on, but he stood firm and kept the secret.

Karen and Julien's Engagement in Burgundy, France

When I finally discovered our destination, I couldn’t believe my eyes! We were going to France! He planned a trip in Burgundy where we would be able to taste and to learn more about French Grands Crus. I have never been there, and it has always been one of my dream destinations. And for our 4th anniversary, it was the perfect wink to our first date!

We spent the most romantic week ever in this charming place moving from village to village, everyday on the road in the middle of the vineyards…

And the last night was the most magical one… He booked a night in a beautiful domain, and we decided to have dinner in their restaurant. Little did I know that he already planned everything with the help of a proposal planner! We were invited to follow a staff member in the garden, and we arrived at the most romantic dinner table I have ever seen. We were all alone in a garden next to a vineyard, and everything was lightened by lanterns and candles. There was vintage crockery on the table, beautiful candlesticks, and a red rose. Everything to create a very romantic atmosphere. Fortunately, Julien has added an evening dress in my luggage!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Burgundy, France

I felt so lucky to live this unique moment, it just seemed like the time has stopped for a night! We started our dinner with a wine glass, but I felt Julien very anxious, he couldn’t stop moving on his chair. I asked him if something was wrong, and that is the moment he decided to take out a beautiful ring from his pocket. I was totally speechless! He told me how much I mean to him and asked me to become his wife! I was so surprised that I started to laugh, and of course, it was a big yes! This dinner will forever be, without any doubts, one of the best moments in my life!

Proposal Ideas Burgundy, France

After our dinner Julien explained that he didn’t know how to propose, that’s why he contacted a proposal planner who helped him find the perfect scenario and planned everything while we were in New York. We even had a photographer who took pictures, and I didn’t notice anything! Julien worried that I could be disappointed about his proposal, but everything was perfect for me!

I am glad he chose to work with Toujours Proposal, and I would like to thank Anaïs for making this special moment unforgettable!

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