Karen and Juan

How We Met

Juan and I both work at the airport for WestJet Airlines in Toronto. We met randomly one day at work but I’ll never forget the day he said he’d marry me one day..and we weren’t even dating yet! It was 2013 and we were in our work team room. We had just seen a couple at the airport saying their goodbyes and showing it too – major PDA! We were saying how we’d never want to be like that couple and at that moment he looked at me and said I’m gonna marry you one day!

Fast forward to 2014 where one Facebook message led to another and then another until we decided it was time to talk through BBM or What’s App. Juan and I would talk for hours on end and never get tired of each other. In fact, we laughed at almost everything over the phone but for about a year we hid our relationship at work just to keep things quiet.

how they asked

The year is now 2016 and we started talking about marriage and when we would want our ideal wedding date. I kept saying I wanted a September wedding but I wanted enough time to plan it. September rolled around and I didn’t have a ring on my finger just yet so my mind sorta went in to panic mode. I thought, maybe we’re gonna have to push the ideal wedding date into 2018. But Juan always said that everything will work out and that I should just trust him. We had a week vacation off together and decided we’d do some outdoorsy things around the city. On the last day of vacation, he had planned for us to go to Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto but the day before I told him, “I’m just not feeling it babe”. He kept saying, you gotta tell me now if you don’t want to so I can plan something else. I didn’t really think much of it but I thought it was quite strange of him to need an immediate answer. We decided we’d go to Tiffany Falls in Hamilton as he always wanted to go there and I’m a water person.

We get to Hamilton Falls and we start walking on the trail. We took our camera with us, so I started taking pictures of the scenery – it was so beautiful! Finally, we’re in front of the falls, so naturally (haha) I take a picture on my phone and I was about to post it on Instagram. At that moment, Juan asked for the camera so he could set it up on the tripod. There I was thinking we would get a beautiful shot of us in front of these falls. After setting up the camera to his liking, he asked me to put away the phone and I thought well hold on, I’m just uploading a picture. He said to me “I don’t think you want to wait”. So I put my phone away and he sorta turned me towards him and he started saying “Well, I’m not actually taking a picture of us. It’s actually a video and there’s something I want to tell you…” Cue the tears! All I could think was, oh my goodness! This is it!

Image 1 of Karen and Juan

This is happening right now! Before I knew it, he was done on one knee and I was no longer his girlfriend but his fiance! It was just perfect!