Karen and Jonathan

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How We Met

We have been friends since sophomore year of high school (2010). He arrived to our church in December 2010, and after he started coming more frequently he got more involved with the youth group and we ended up becoming a big group of friends. We weren’t very close until we started working together at the same daycare after High School. We were there for three years, and I noticed he started texting me more and trying to hang out more.

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We went on our first date for my birthday in 2010. He took me indoor skydiving, massages, and dinner. After that, we went on very many, adventurous dates. We have been together ever since then. He has the biggest heart for anyone that I have ever met. He is a gentlemen, with the best smile. He is everything I could have asked for.

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how they asked

I love everything about Gossip Girl (I mean who doesn’t)! He had texted me two weeks before that he had totally forgot to mention that we had a wedding to go for one of his coworkers. Not thinking much of it, I said it was fine. The day of “the wedding’ came and I got ready, and when it was time for him to pick me up he texted me to come out. I walked out and there was a driver (Just how all Upper East siders have a driver)?! I texted him “Uhm?” and he replied with “Just trust me!” So I got in the car with instructions on the note-card. The first note-card stated for me to watch a PowerPoint on the laptop in the car. The PowerPoint was all the pictures we have taken from the moment we met to the day of. I was already tearing up. When the PowerPoint was finished, we arrived to the Fairmont Hotel, where the second note-card stated for me to give my stuff to the bell boy and go the reception desk. When I got to the reception desk, she handed me an iPad with 5 videos on them. The first video was him telling me to trust him and to walk to the gift shop because he had a surprise for me. When I got there, I had to watch the second video, which was him picking up the ring with his parents, and then him telling me to go through a scavenger hunt and look for a gift bag. When I found the gift bag, it was necklace (Just how Chuck Bass gave Blair Waldorf a necklace for her birthday). I then watched the third video, which was him picking up the ring with my sisters.

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I then had to head upstairs, where I was in a VIP room with a view of the city (Just how every Upper East Sider gets a view of the city). I then watched the fourth video where it was his family telling me how much they love me and look forward to see our relationship grow and what the future has for us. The video was also my family telling me how much they are happy for us and they can’t wait and see what the future holds. I am obviously crying my eyes out. I then had to go to the rooftop (because we all know how Chuck Bass loves rooftops). There I saw the last video, where he was telling me how he just had lunch with my parents and asked for my hand in marriage and they said “Yes!” He then asked me to turn the corner. When I turned the corner there he was with roses everywhere holding the little blue box with a white ribbon on it.

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He got down on one knee, and asked for my hand in marriage. I said Yes (of course)! After the proposal, he had one last surprise! It was my engagement party, that was Tiffany & Co. themed (Just how Serena threw Blair a Tiffany & Co. Bridal Shower). All my friends and family were there waiting to hear everything!

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