Karen and Jesse

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How We Met

Jesse & I met while working onboard cruise ships, so travel has been a huge part of our relationship. The very first day we met, we sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco. Our love story began in Alaska and continued our adventures together in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and Europe.

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We are both filmmakers, so we had an immediate connection through our love for visual storytelling. There are a million other things that I love about him, but the fact that we share the same passion is a big reason why our bond is so strong.

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We eventually decided to leave ship life and I moved from my hometown in Ontario here to Jesse’s home on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. I now live in one of the most beautiful places in the world with my best friend.

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how they asked

Iceland is one of those places at the top of any nature lover’s bucket list. It was our dream to do a road trip around the entire island, capturing all the beauty of this amazing country along the way. On day 7 of our trip, we visited the famous Skogafoss waterfall. Whenever we want to take pictures of the two of us, we set up our camera on a tripod so I just thought we were getting a picture in front of this stunning waterfall.

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Jesse asked me to turn around at one point and I think I said something like “why? are we going to do the prom picture pose where you hug me from behind?” I looked back and saw him slowly get down on one knee as I turned around in complete shock. He wanted this to be a total surprise so I had no idea this was going to happen any time soon! A casual double rainbow popped up behind us as I said YES and it was nothing short of magical. Luckily, Jesse, had the camera rolling the whole time so we have this special moment immortalized in video.

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(Luckily this child waited until Jesse was done proposing before wandering in front of our camera :P)

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Our Video