Karen and Edson

How We Met

He saw me one day before we had even met. Freshman year of college from across the dorm building at Charlotte, and he said to himself he knew I’d be his wife one day. When he tells the story today, he can remember what I was wearing down to the jewlery I had on. Fast forward two years and the universe worked it’s magic to have us cross paths again. One of my closest friends from high school ended up being one of his 3 roommates that year. That friend’s girlfriend, L, was also (and still is) my best friend so I was the third wheel to alot of their outings. One day, they invited me to watch an intramural soccer game. It’s my favorite sport and I love heckling/supporting from the sidelines so that was an easy yes. Little did I know it was a set-up for us to meet.

I rode with L and we found a good place to sit by the sidelines. I didn’t know who he was or what he looked like, but from across the pitch he caught my eye. He was standing by the goal post with his hands in his pockets. Out of nowhere I just blurted out “He’s a cutie.” L whipped her head around and tried to look surprised, “Yeah, you think?”. But her face was screaming ITS WORKING. We met after the game. And the rest is history.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Marshall's Beach, San Francisco, California

How They Asked

We are from the east coast yet California is his favorite place. So, for anyone that knows him, it’s no surprise that’s where he proposed. We were on day two of our trip and had spent the day sight-seeing all through San Francisco. The day was completely normal, and he never once gave me a reason to think that he would propose that night. The Golden Gate Bridge looks one way in photos but absolutely blows your mind when you see her in person. I was stoked to visit that evening since I had never really been. When we got to Marshall’s Beach, the view was something from the heavens. Walking down to the beach through the hill side, he kept asking me to walk in front of him so he could take videos and pictures of me. I was all for it, and completely oblivious that the reason why he was doing so was that the ring was in his back pocket. We got down by the water and the backdrop looked like something from a Nicholas Sparks book: the sunset, beams of light bouncing off the waves, the tide rolling in and out from the rocky shore, and the GGB looking so picturesque. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Karen and Edson's Engagement in Marshall's Beach, San Francisco, California

And it’s probably good I was completely in awe because he says his head was on a swivel looking around for the photographer he had hired. We walked down further and he asked for a picture (normally I’m the one asking for pictures, yet still not a single red flag about the impeading propsal). I agreed and snapped a quick selfie. He said he wanted a better photo so he pointed to the photographer taking pictures of the sunset and said we should ask her. Still, no clue from me.

He went to give her my phone and I turned back around to face him for the picture when I saw him holding the box. Having waited almost five years for this moment and it was finally here! I dissolved into a ball of tears and laughter, and only remember him getting down on one knee with his make-me-weak-at-the-knees smile before everything went black.

He had made me believe he would propose sometime at the end of the year with family, so I screamed “you lied” and then couldn’t catch my breath to say YES. I nodded in between sobs and hugged my forever best friend. God is so good.

Special Thanks

Dasha Neith
 | Photographer