Karen and Edgar

How We Met

In our love story there’s no heroic save, no damsel in distress. Our story is about perfect timing, about all of God’s elements coming together so that we could know each other, and so we did. We met where we would grow our loves foundation; church. Introduced by a mutual friend after a church service, we met and began to develop what would be the greatest friendship in my life. Flooding in came the stomach butterflies, daydreams attached to gawky smiles, and consistent need to bring him up in all conversations (relevant or irrelevant) Over the course of 7 years I fell in love with Edgar’s heart, his kindness and his selflessness. In my teen years I vowed to save my heart for the one I would marry and I am unbelievable grateful I saved it for him. Without hesitation, I can say that he is the greatest guy I have ever met. He inspires me to live more, be stronger, think wiser, and believe in myself. I can’t wait to create an amazing life with him. Timing is truly everything.

how they asked

For Edgar’s birthday this year I had planned a trip to take him to Alberta and British Columbia Canada. Adventure is our calling and Canada was another bucket list idea. I booked our journey along with my sister to sightsee for four days. Our itinerary for our second day in Canada was Yoho National Park and one of the main attractions Edgar insisted on visiting was Emerald Lake (a frozen lake). Aware of the popularity of the tourist site, I didn’t think anything of it. In my mind we were doing some snowshoeing and site seeing for the day. When we arrived my sister and Edgar insisted on flying our drone, as it was such a beautiful landscape to film. This is something we often do on trips so I saw it as nothing but normal typical behavior. We walked out on the frozen lake until my sister and Edgar decided that was the “perfect spot” for filming us. They had me get in the frame while they stood far away to make sure we would all be standing in the appropriate place. My sister then shouted out for me to kick some snow around to give us all enough space to stand. As I complied, Edgar walked toward me. My sister asked to get a few photos of Edgar and I together before she would “jump in the video”. Once Edgar and I took a couple of photos, she asked me to look towards her direction as to only be taking a picture of me (in retrospect I realize that was to distract me). I of course though, posed for the camera lol. It was then that I heard music playing. The music playing was “our” song. It’s been a special song for us since the beginning of our relationship. “Fools Rush In” by Elvis Presley. I automatically knew at that point as Edgar held my hand that he would be asking me to spend the rest of my life with him. He gently took my hand in his shaking palm, and with tears in his eyes expressed his kind love. At that point we both shared tears as he slowly got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him.

My heart is soooo incredibly happy and thankful to be engaged to my best friend. We’ve definitely waited patiently for this day and after seven years together the timing couldn’t be more perfect. God has undoubtedly led us to this moment.

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