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How We Met

I have always watch all this proposal pictures with the cutest couples. Some of those proposals are so special that you catch yourself holding tears back hoping no one is watching. Yes, I have done that. But hey a girl can dream right? And those dreams might just come true, and you might just have to catch a breath when they do. Please feel free to grab a box of kleenex, but make sure you’re not in public just in case an ugly cry comes out. I’m on that boat, I do not cry pretty so I know how that goes, but who does right? I mean please feel free to contact me if you’re a pretty crier because I totally need lessons. But enough on that…Let’s get to this amazing day that, as my mom said, made me a grown woman. David has always been the type of person who loves to plan great things for us, he does awesome at always finding something new for us to enjoy and add to our memories. We tend to have a nice dinner from time to time, you know a good meal always lights up that spark in a relationship. I have always LOVED our dates, each and every one of them are truly something special.

how they asked

In the beginning of 2017 we had talked about having a trip around summer and fall. We are pros at planning trips. Well, he does most of the planning, but I always try to help and give my advice. That counts right? Our fall destination was Hawaii and I was head over hills about the whole idea. This trip I was in charge of making our itinerary for, which I totally enjoyed. Within that itinerary we both agreed on having at least three nice dinners out of the 7 days we were going to spend there.

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September 29th was our arrival date to Grand Wailea and the most beautiful island on earth, Maui. David and I had already planned to just relax and get some stuff ready on our very first day. This place was so magical and breathtaking, I seriously felt knots and held tears back as I took in all the views, especially the one from our lanai (balcony). Try having breakfast with tall palm trees, the sun peaking from behind the beautiful mountains, and the amazing ocean looking back at you. It was one of the many moments in awe.

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October 1st, 2017. We planned an adventurous morning kayaking away with he ocean, and boy was that fun? We relaxed, listened to music and paddled away. This was us being silly, being fun, talking, laughing, and taking it all in. On that night we had reservations to have a steak house dinner over at Four Seasons, which was only right by our resort. Remember our plans about having three nice dinners? This was our first. Coming from a relationship where my boyfriend always found nice places for special occasions was something we enjoyed, it’s always special having moments like this. Like I said before, I love our dates! When we arrived to Four Seasons the front desk people didn’t seem to know how to help, David had forgotten the name of the restaurant where we had reservations, and I patiently let him handle it. all I was thinking was, “He has it under control, and he’ll figure it out.” After someone helped him he stepped away to use the gentlemen’s room.

I continued to wait patiently while I noticed the previous people that had helped him kept smiling at me. Really I just thought that place was a little too nice for me. Not long after a tall business looking man was approaching me, and by then I was hoping he wouldn’t come and ask me if I had been helped. If you’ve ever been to a Four Seasons, you know people there are never left unattended by any means, service there is priceless, well, not literally priceless, but you know what I mean. Well the person approaching me, introduced himself as Mark, and asked for me to follow him since my boyfriend had found the restaurant and asked for him to come get me. This seemed like it made sense, so I thought well, maybe the place is far and took advantage to look for it. Well Mark was the lead to the next chapter of my life. When we arrived to an opened door elevator he guided me to follow a path with trees. So I did, I listened and walked. I remember thinking, “It is freaking hot out here, I can’t believe David didn’t come back to get me himself, and my stomach was so hungry for steak that I was going to eat someone’s arm off if I didn’t eat ASAP.” Those were my thoughts as I was walking through the path. Well, I was not going to have a piece of steak any time soon, but i was going to have the time of my life. When I turned the small corner around the trees there he was, my true charming prince, my prayer, my life, my heart and love, my David. He was standing by a white clothed table with petals following the path and up the small steps that took me up to him. The table had a picture of us, and I remembered the day we took that picture and the fun we had with friends. By the picture there was a tall glass covered container that held inside a tall beautiful bloomed rose.Yes, this was a set up just like the enchanted rose from Beauty and The Best. For those who know me know my passion for original Disney movies, and that being my all time favorite. Right underneath it I read a note that had written “Will you be my forever and always.” At this moment I was screaming a million yes’ inside my head, my body felt as if I was floating in the air, and my hands were shaking. I then realized I had uncontrollably tears running down my face, and yes, I was not a pretty cryer there either. I was right there, in front of the person I had shared so much with. As David and I held our hands, we shared a few tears and tried to focus on what was happening. He shared what he felt from day one, what he wanted to accomplish as a couple, and how much everything we had meant to him. Those were sacred words to me as they were to him. He spoke of taking care of me, of us, of always loving me, and providing the best for us, and then there it was.

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The man of my dreams reached behind the photo standing on the table, got down on one knee, and asked the most important question anyone could have ever asked. “Will you marry me?” After 2 years of friendship, after 4 years of being together, all I could think about was that it was about time. In between my ugly crying I tried to say the word out loud, Yes! We held each other, laughed, kissed, cried happy tears. I was so happy, in shock, and so freaking shaky, my hands would not stop shaking! After trying to put myself back together, we had some photos taken by the photographer that I’m still pretty sure came out from a bush. I still have no idea where she was hiding. We had a glass of champagne, that Mark, (the guy who came to get me) gave to us, and he actually ended up being our waiter for the entire night. We talked for a bit and did our engagement photos, but that was not the end. David had planned a nice dinner like he said, it wasn’t your typical nice steak house dinner, but it was a gorgeous table set up with flowers and candles everywhere, and relaxing music playing in the back, right in front of the beach and sunset.

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That kind of dinner I will take ANY day. As a matter of fact I wanted our special cook to come back home with us because the amazing gigantic cheese board, the 3 course dinners, and dessert were to die for. I wanted to stay right there, forever, and ever. I didn’t want our night to end. All I wanted was to continue to sit there, keep having the most laughable conversations, listen to the sound of the ocean clashing against the sand, and embracing every second of it. That was us, right there, eating, chit chatting, enjoying a nice dinner, and laughing. This is what reminded me why I love David so much. It wasn’t the food, it wasn’t the amazing ring flashing back at me, it wasn’t the roses, and the wine. It was us! The memories, the comfort to talk about anything and everything. It was the seconds we took to look at each other in the eye and say I love you without actually saying it. It was the fact that he took so much hard work, effort, and precious time to make a beautiful moment unforgettable. It was nothing, but us what made a yes so easy. This was such a beautiful moment, but really…everyday is special and beautiful when we’re with each other. I truly love him, I truly love us.

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