Karen and Christian

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How We Met

Chris and I met on January 30, 2011 at a Chinese Buffet after church. He had met my sister the same year on New Years Day ( January 1, 2011…crazy coincidence…never would have thought that 5 years later I would be getting ready to marry him.) We became good friends, but without any thought or intention of anything else. Chris was dating someone else, and I was talking to someone… little did we know that our friendship would grow stronger and stronger to the point where we were inseparable. I lived in New Jersey and he lived in Virginia. We lived two separate lives and were at different points of our lives. On October 2011, I moved to DC for work and Chris could have not been happier. At this point both us were not romantically involved and were not looking to pursue any type of relationship. Well, at least thats what I thought, because as much as I didn’t want to admit it I had a strong feeling that Chris felt different. Few months down the road my suspicions were confirmed and Chris decided to let me know how he felt. Of course, I made it difficult for him to win me over. With his patience, constant friendship, thoughtful notes and chocolate treats ,I eventually bent my arm and said yes to greatest love I have ever known outside of God. On September, 2013 we became official, and little over two years later, we are engaged!

how they asked

My best friend invited me to go ice skating in NYC with a few of my girlfriends from college. I agreed to go only for a few hours simply because it was New Years Day and I wanted to be with my family. I arrived to NYC about two hours late (little did I know everyone was waiting for me and I made everyone late…oops!) and got us a cab and zipped to Bryant Park. As we were arriving, she explains to me that we had gotten a group rate and would start ice skating because the rest of the girls were still looking for parking. We get to this “ticket booth for groups” and they ask us if were interested in signing up a grand prize before proceeding into the rink. Of course, who doesn’t want to win a prize! So we signed up to win broadway tickets. We get our skates and get on the ice. My best friend had never ice skated before and she kept freaking out…little did we know that we were being watched. It could have not been more than 10 minutes that we were holding on to our dear lives on the border of the ice rink that they announce that we have to get off the ice because they need to clean the rink with the zamboni. I personally think that they realized that we would never make it around the whole rink so they just needed us off as soon as possible. We were the last ones to get off the ice and as we are standing there they say that are going to announce the winner of the Broadway tickets. Over the loud speaker they say my name! I turned around and told my friend “I never win anything!” So the staff proceeds to tell me that I need to skate to the middle of the ice rink to claim my prize, of course I tell them that I couldn’t make it to the center without falling so they assisted me to the center. As I am standing there I am handed an envelope and I was told to open it. When I opened it there was nothing inside. I then told the staff member that there was nothing inside. He then looked surprised and began to look over my shoulder. As I turned to look around, Chris was standing behind me. I freaked out and almost fell but he caught me, thank God! He then knelt down and I went down with him. All I could do was cry and could not get one word out. Chris kept calling my name and saying to me “babe can you please say something?!” With my sobs and noises I said YES and he claimed victory! He then told me to look behind me and to my surprise both our families were there cheering us on and holding up numerous signs. It was truly a beautiful moment and it felt like I was in a movie.

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Special Thanks

Carlos Ortiz
 | Photography