Karen and Carlos

How We Met

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Our love is an adventure, we met on my 20th birthday in Little Italy, San Diego. Carlos and I were set up on a blind date by two of our best friends. Our connection was instant, we couldn’t deny our mutual attraction. Even though we weren’t looking for a relationship, we fell deeply in love for one another and after late night phone calls; adventurous spontaneous dates, Carlos formalized our relationship within three months.

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We decided to live together after our first year anniversary, that adventure led us to three different condos in Baja, Mexico until last year when we moved to San Diego where our love started.

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how they asked

Carlos and I knew we wanted to get married and legalize our relationship, he took me to the place we first met to pop the question on my 23rd birthday. And since we don’t have images from that enchanting night carlos prepared a road trip photo shoot to tell our story.

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We started our adventure at our home, where our love lives day by day. Followed by our beautiful Coronado, San Diego.

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Carlos wanted to take me to my favorite place on earth, Disneyland where we spent most of our first year of relationship.

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It was so fun and magical, I couldn’t believe he had plan all this for me.

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After Disney we took the road again, and ended in beautiful Santa Monica Pier.

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And as soon as sunset hit the beach, Carlos kneeled down in one knee and asked ” I know we’ve been living together for more than two years and I want to make this official, would you love me forever and marry me?”

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Of course I said “YES!” , we where having so much fun I didn’t wanted the day to end. Carlos had planned one last stop to the Urban Lights of LACMA, that experience was so romantic, a night we will always remember.

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