Karen and Benedict

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How We Met

I had gone to college with his best friend, Andrew. I’ve known of Ben since 2009 to be exact. I basically knew Ben via Andrew because of the classes we had together. Living in a small world, he knew my family and I knew all his friends but we didn’t cross paths until at a friends wedding in 2015. Our first “date” was basically hanging out in his car just talking and listening to music, when I got back inside my house his car battery had died. It was already 5am and nobody I knew could jump start his car! One of his friends, Sergio came to the rescue and the rest is history! Such a memorable time together and I’m praying the future holds much more.

how they asked

I am the oldest out of 4 sisters, while I no longer live at home we make an effort to meet for dinner at least twice a month. So it wasn’t unusual when we planned a dinner on a Thursday night. I typically drag Ben with me since my sisters bring their significant others. We usually don’t go anywhere fancy and this time we all agreed on burgers, so we chose The Habit in Northridge, California. One of my sisters said she was running late for work so Ben and I decided to kill time at a beautiful cactus nursery! I am a huge succulent and cactus lover so I was definitely in my realm. It was my first time at California Cactus Ranch so I took my time walking around, taking photos and was curious why nobody was there.

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I figured they’d be closing soon anyways. We got to the outdoor section and we continued to walk around but little did I know Ben had planted the ring in a specific section already. He asked me to check out this “weird looking succulent” and while I was walking over before I knew it, he was down on one knee. I don’t even think I said yes, I was just so excited and nervous. I was obviously caught by surprise and did not dress appropriately but it was definitely one of the best days of my life! Every girl deserves their surprising proposal even if you’re bumming it in a Breaking Bad hoodie ;) Oh, and my sisters were there the entire time (hiding).


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Special Thanks

Jonathan Park
 | Photographer
Jonathan Park
 | Videographer