Karen and Angel

How We Met

We met in high school, we were both juniors when I first saw him. Which at this point I did not know his name nor did he know mine. As our junior year ended we never had a chance to introduce ourselves. When our senior year came around we ended up having the same English class together. On the first day of school (9/06/06) Angel came to lunch with me and asked me out right there and then.

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how they asked

On the day of September 5th, 2015, Angel told me to be ready be 3:00Am that he had a surprise for me. Of course I did not think anything of it since our anniversary was the following day September 6th, 2015. He told me to dress comfortable with sneakers and jeans, at first I thought maybe we are going zip lining, since it was something we had talked about during this time. However as we started getting closer to the location I see a sign that says Fantasy Balloon Flights. I get super excited because this was also something we talked about for a while but never had the time to do it. At this point I started getting a little nervous because I was not sure how high we would be going up.

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Angel tries to clam me down a little and of course I start to question him about when he planned everything. Once inside we meet with the pilots Ken & Lana which were amazing. Once we were up in the air the view was incredible, Angel and I were lost for words. While flying around with this amazing view Angel asked one of the other couples to please take a picture of us…….While this is happening Angel takes out the ring but I can’t hear him because the flame of the hot air balloon was too loud and all I see is the ring and I yell at him and say “What did you say”? Angel yells back and says ” WILL YOU MARRY ME”? everything was absolutely amazing and prefect however we were not able to get any pictures inside the hot air balloon while everything was happening because the space was too tight. We did get to take pictures at the end. Lana was our pilot for the whole proposal and she did amazing job having a straight face the whole time..

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