Kareene and Jonathan

How we met: One day, my friend Jason, who I have known since junior high school, asked me to go watch one of his basketball games and so I did. Jonathan, who Jason had met in college, was one of his team mates. Jason introduced us to each other and we quickly became friends.

Image 1 of Kareene and Jonathan

how they asked: Jonathan and I were on a camping road trip across the west & the midwest. It was day three of our month long trip when it all happened. Our destination: The Colorado Rockies. We woke up that morning with an amazing view of the Rockies from our tent and we decided to take on one of our most favorite things to do together and go for a hike, however this time…in the snow. We had been on many hikes together before, but this one was a bit of a challenge. We braved the hike without hiking poles (which we later bought realizing that they were more of a need than a want). Not having the poles at the time was a mistake since we slipped on the ice several times and even fell through powdered snow at some points of the hike. The mountain was covered with white puffy snow and the trail seemed to be untouched for a while since most of it was hidden by the snow. This of course was understandable since it wasn’t hiking season just yet. Since the snow had covered most of the trail, it forced us to take alternate routes at times with the high possibility of getting lost…okay yes we got lost…several times.

Slip on ice…fall through snow…get lost….repeat…

That seemed to be the agenda for us that morning. We even thought about just turning back around and going back to camp instead of finishing the hike.

Although the hike was a bit overwhelming and at times a bit frustrating, we eventually made it to the most beautiful lake any of us had ever seen. It was so serene and empty, just the way we hoped it would be! After I was done taking pictures of us as well as the amazing view, I set the camera in video mode to get our “where we are” scenery footage. As we were eating our lunch by the lake, Jonathan began to make nervous small talk and I began to get a little suspicious! Before I knew it, he asked me to stand up and pulled out a ring from his backpack and got down on one knee. I, of course, immediately said yes without even letting Jonathan finish what he was saying! We both let out tears of excitement. We hugged, kissed, and then hugged again. On the way back down mountain, Jonathan asked me if I knew it was coming & I told him that I had an inkling but wasn’t one hundred percent sure.