Karay and David

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How We Met

And so the story of how we met begins…
David had just finished his MBA at Azusa Pacific University, starting his career with Target as a store manager. I, about to graduate from Cal Poly Pomona, interned with Target while I was in college and the company had just offered me a full-time position as a store manager.

Having never met before, I walk into David’s store in San Dimas, CA to drop off some store supplies that they needed to borrow. As I was waiting for the backroom team members to bring up some carts to help load the supplies, I overheard his front end leader providing exceptional guest service. Just splendid!!

I thought to myself, “Self, I MUST email the manager of this department and let them know what a great job their front end leadership is doing AND ensure this person gets some recognition for simply doing a great job!”

It was the FIRST email we ever exchanged <3

About a month later, on April 24th, 2012, the BEST Tuesday of my life, our district had a mandatory manager training at David’s store in San Dimas.

If there were to ever exist a person so physically attractive that they could literally “stop traffic,” David HAS my vote. Forever. It was…. hmmm… what’s the word…. distracting. Yes, let’s go with distracting, to be in the same room with him.

The training adjourned, and we had to “walk the store” as managers (part of Target’s protocol). I was conversing with a co-worker, David doing the same, and then we approach the electronics area in the back of the store. This Target has the incorporated Apple store, so I walk over to the table with the iPad’s and begin to mess around on one for a bit, playing a game. David walks over to where I’m standing, and asks me, “Do you mind if I join ya?”

Boy o’ BOY, was my heart fluttering! I’m thinking, “Join me?! You mean like in matrimony? I don’t know, hang on. Let me think about this, it’s a serious commitmen…. YES. Yes, yes! You can join me. You’re beautiful. I’m in love.”

In all seriousness, I may have had those thoughts. BUT instead, I responded very diplomatically, calm and composed with a simple, “Yes, of course.” WHO am I kidding, it wasn’t diplomatic at all. I said, “Bring it, David!”

I was playing Temple Run, and that was the first game we ever played together. It’s my favorite :)

The rest, my friends, is what David and I like to call…. “Our Adventure Story.”

how they asked

Hi there!! Good day to you :)

Boy, do I have a story to tell… Grab a seat, and some granola while you’re at it… it’s going to be crunchy and SWEET.

Oh wait, let’s be preemptive for a second. There may be extreme levels of incorporated mushy gushy seraTONEin all throughout this read that could, hmmmmm… no it WILL lead to an embarrassingly yet most likely adorable tear sobbing emotional state of being. Embrace it everyone, love is contagious.

So, are you ready for the BEST, MOST romantic, beyond perfect, unimaginable, insanely creative, knock em’ dead, out of this world proposal story?!?!?!

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If your answer is YES, then take a minute (or ten) and re-live yours.

There isn’t a single story out there that can top your OWN very special moment, no matter the way or manner in which it happened. Always be an advocate of your love :)

And if you are reading this and not engaged or married, Legend says that you are supposedly “wise.”

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But stay thirsty my not engaged and unmarried friends, love is HIGHLY intoxicating and your so called “wise-ness” will be capsuled away into the beautiful “blur of a moment” called falling in love.

So let us all rejoice together in happiness :)

Now, ladies and lads, for my very own special moment…which IS absolutely the MOST romantic, memorable, unbelievably creative and SWEETEST proposal ever. Contrary to whatever gibberish I just wrote.. ;)

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It was a calm night, a calm tequila free Thursday night on the 5th of May, 2016. I know, I know… who gets engaged on a THURSDAY right?! Genius tactic on fiance’s behalf. So this Thursday, commonly referred to as “Cinco de Mayo” was about to get really, really, really FREAKEN CUTE :) Read on.

Some background first, so you can get to know us just a tad bit. My boyfriend at the time, David Pichler, who will now be referred to as “Pichler” took us on a surprise trip to California. We met in California, where I am from, but this STUD muffin, piece of goodness of mine is originally from the state of Washington. SO, we decided a few years into our relationship that moving from CA to WA to leave perfect weather, all of our somewhat AWESOME friends, and every adorable memory we had created (OH and to reunite with his family or something) was what we wanted to do. I’m kidding, I’m kidding. California is great and all, BUT at some point today, you will probably be sitting in some sort of horrendous traffic, moving at the pace of a snail…. that is stuck, and not moving, tanning only the left side of your body sitting in a vehicle. Most excellent times for Californian’s.

So getting back on track, we live in the beautiful state of Washington now and he surprised me with a getaway trip to California for the weekend of Mother’s Day to go see Mama Masin (my mom) and those somewhat AWESOME friends that I may or may not have mentioned before. Can I get whoop whoop for fun times!? Whoop, whoop!!!

It was a road trip, so we began this trek of love on a Tuesday afternoon… after a gruesome, dreadful dentist appointment. This story starts off SO romantic right?! The dentist wasn’t so bad, I was just given two times the amount of Novocaine that I needed. There is footage of this… this post dentist fat lipped, seed eating, slobbery pre-fiance flirting in a car on the way to California. Ahh yes, numb-lip kisses are so fun.

I actually didn’t know we were going to CA for our getaway extravaganza as we began the road trip, he was trying to make it ALL a surprise. Except that it takes about 17 hours to drive there, soo…. after we passed San Francisco and the only thing left was dirt for another 500 miles…. me and my good buddy brain of 20 something years figured it out. Stellar detective skills, let me tell YOU!

So we get to California looking and smelling fabulous after this 17 hour road trip, and hang out with those somewhat awesome friends for the first couple of days… and then THURSDAY rolls around.

It was a little shopping during the day, gelato in old town Pasadena at my favorite place for a treat, ahi tuna poke bowls for lunch, and then some cute dinner plans for the evening that Pichler had planned for us.

My thoughts throughout the day: “Goodness in a pie, how did I land such a guy? This kiddo does this all of the time. We are in CA, he’s being adorable, making dinner plans for us and giving me a reason to dress up in the middle of the week. You go boyfriend, you just GO!”

Now, the evening is upon us. Dun, dun dun!!!! I’m excited just thinking about it!

All is going well, let me restate for dramatic effect, ALL IS GOING WELL throughout the “getting glamorized” process for me. Which is like, “Heck YES to the YIZZOLICIOUS, it’s going to be a strawberry milkshake good kind of night!”

I’m just grooving on my soft and bouncy curls, my eyelashes cooperating like a dream, and even Pandora was pumping out spot on jams. It gives me a little extra pep in my step when my music is on point. So I was definitely steppin’ and peppin’.

All the while, my soon to be fiance’ is getting ready as well. Getting ready to PROPOSE. Muahahaha. I will admit, he was acting a little funny. I can’t really explain it in words, but his normal cute date demeanor was definitely off kilter. He was just being too cool, too ready, too not like him.

For example, normally when we are getting ready together, Pichler likes to involve me in the process… as in THE entire process. He’ll say things like:

— “Masin jar, can you come style my hair please?”
— “Honey, help me pick out a shirt that matches?”
— “Jar, can you put my bow tie on?”
— “Babe, do these pants make my butt look big?”
Just kidding.
— “Sweet peach, what shoes should I go with?”
— “Dynamite, what watch should I wear tongiht?”
— “Baby, come look at my socks!!!”
— “My masin jar, don’t you just love me?”

I did NOT get any of that. This man of mine was in the proposal zone.

SO I waddle myself to the car like a duck, with one heel on and the other in my hand. My hair brush hanging for dear life from my purse, and part of my necklace is stuck on my left ear. Classy, I know. Pichler opens the car door for me, tells me I look beautiful, and I smirk at the fact that I know he means it despite knowing I’m a bit of a disaster at the moment :)

The music is bumpin, my man is bumpin, the road is bumpin, ANNNND I’m applying my lipstick. Note to self: Do not leave lipstick as the last thing to apply, you newb.

RED was the choice for the evening… Rawr.
I thought, let’s jazz up this casual THURSDAY Cinco de Mayo with some red lips to go with my little red dress. If you must know, based on inappropriate booty squeezes from the boyfriend, I must have made the right lip and dress combination. Too much info, I apologize about it. Maybe.

The chatting continues, and next thing you know we pull up to this cutely lit alley of restaurants and boutiques in downtown Claremont.

This would have normally been a 10 out of 10 adorable place, EXCEPT this cutely lit alley was glaringly reminiscent of a little place VERY special to us, so it sky rocketed to a 1,099 out of 10 immediately.

My thoughts at that moment: “We ARE totally ordering margaritas tonight! (This will make sense later). OH and omg omg omg omg omg! Could this be the night Pichler proposes?! This is OUR place. No,no.. freaken relax woman. We have so many cute places. This is is just ONE of our places. Seriously, you can be SUCH a girl sometimes Karay, get it together. But it would be so adorable if he WAS proposing, ahhhh! Game ON, be on your best behavior just in case. Ugh, wait. We are smack dead in the middle of ring talk/ ring shopping, there is NO WAY this is happening. Simmer down and enjoy the evening you psycho. Margs, here we come!!!”

We pull up, and find a spot right in front.

This was the place we had our very first date about 4 years ago, and this was the first time we had been back since then :) Umm, can somebody say ADORABLE… or do I have to narrate everything around here?!?! :)

Inserting quick romantic detail: At this moment, I had no idea, but was revealed to later that it was exactly 4 years ago TO THE DAY that we had our first date there. This man of mine, HOW is he even real?!

This place, it’s called The Press. And my heart and I were so happy to be back.

We walk in and Pichler had made reservations, so the waiter walked us over to a dimly lit table right around the same exact spot we had our first date. COINCIDENCE, I’M SURE!

The funny part about all of this, if I can brag for just a sec, is I really did not think I was getting engaged. HONESTLY. Pichler is such a man of romance, constantly showing me through acts of courtship, mercy and sweet surprises that his love is never ending. I truly believed that it was just another one of our sweet date nights, but I was clearly wrong. And let me just set the record straight, I was TOTALLY okay with being wrong :)

There’s a live band playing, getting the crowd ready for some Thursday night Cinco de Mayo fun-o! Pichler and I are reliving the moments of our first date, and laughing joyfully at how adorable the date went. Disgusted yet. NO? Keep reading then.

Our waiter, who was in on the scoop the whole time, came over and asked if we would like anything to drink. Pichler and I talked for a brief minute…

“Maybe we should order a wine, that would be nice. A mild red, or oooh WAIT, what about a cider. That sounds great! Let’s see if they have a raspberry one, since we are feeling a little sweet right now [playing footsies under the table]… Nah, c’mon… who are we kidding, let’s do 2 margaritas!”

Pichler orders: “This beautiful dime of mine and I will each have a margarita please, with sugared rims and 2 to 1 margarita mix to tequila if you would!”

Let me explain what just happened. I promise we are not total weenies about alcohol. Well wait, I can’t promise that.

The first date we ever went on, here at The Press, was the first time I had EVER tried a margarita. This was monumental for yours truly, so it’s became quite the deal for us.

Let me set the mood:
Dim lighting, my heart rushing faster than a waterfall and the evening heating up hotter than the sun. I’m standing next to the tall, dark and handsome David Pichler, thinking the dream I’m in is going to end soon. He softly presses his hand on the small of my back and leads me to a bar seat. Chills everywhere. He orders for us, then turns to me, smiles and rests his chin upon his hand. It’s a gaze that I will forever remember. EVERYTHING is perfect, and then…. I tried a margarita.

Alright, alright. It was not THAT bad. But it was like drinking PURE tequila, and keep in mind, I was not and AM not a big fan of the taste of any hard liquor. So, a year or so later, somehow the topic of margaritas came up and I finally told Pichler that ever since that first date, I just hated the taste of margaritas!! It became his mission to find one or make one that I enjoyed, hence why he asked our waiter to make it differently.

Slurp, slurp. Yumm. I’ve got this gorgeous man sitting in front of me, sipping on deliciousness, red lipstick on, and the live band going. THURSDAY night, you are such a keeper.

Conversation is still stewing, and Pichler is about to add in a little “Spice.”

He gets up and excuses himself to go use the restroom. I watch him as he walks towards the back of the restaurant, (who wouldn’t watch that fine piece of human walk away… oh sorry, private thoughts) but then he averts to the right and steps onto the corner of the stage. “HMMM, what is my sneaky little lover doing?”

He’s talking to a couple of guys up there, very casual and unsuspecting…

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I begin to think, “This guy, what does he have up his sleeve? Talking to the band. Holy CRAP, he’s talking to the band! HELLO! Is he doing this? He’s doing this, he’s dedicating a song to me and the band is going to play it!?”

I’m telling you folks, dating this man WILL make you delusional- but in a good way.

Well, I was wrong yet again. Only sorta wrong this time :)

Pichler gets up on stage, with his back to me, and throws a guitar strap over his head.

It then proceeded to roll to my feet, and continue on over to Antigua or someplace far far away where I could not feel it.

My mind is thinking a GAZILLION things right now!!!

What is he doing?! I’m shivering I’m so nervous. He’s going to sing?! Oh my goodness, he has a guitar! He can’t play the guitar?! I can’t handle this. Wait, did he learn how to play the guitar?!?!? I don’t understand anything. What is happening right now?! WHO IS THIS guy?!

I’m losing it, VERY quickly.

It was a madhouse up there, in my head, and the 2.7 seconds it took to think through ALL of that felt like.. well about 2.7 seconds actually.

There’s a man to Pichler’s left with a guitar as well, looking over in my direction with this cheeeeeeesy smile that you could totally tell he was trying so hard to contain…


My Pichler turns around and begins to strum his guitar.

It was in THAT moment that I felt my heart again.

—-If my heart and I were to have had a conversation in that instant, it would have gone like this:

Me: “Oooooh, look who made it back from Antigua so soon?!
Heart: “Don’t get sassy with me little missy, you NEED me remember.”
Me: “I don’t need you, YOU selfish aorta-ganism, I’m surviving just fine. Why don’t you go back to Antigua and get eaten by an elephant?!”
Heart: “You are starting to get weird on me, stop it. Pay attention, we’re being serenaded to and you’re ruining the moment!”
Me: “Ugh, your unbelievable.”

Pichler had painted his guitar and it made every muscle in my face smile. It said:


Starting with the bottom, the “5.5.16” date is indicative of the day he proposed of course :)

The “D&S” was a huge mess up, those are totally not even our initials. JUST kidding, just kidding.

The “D” stands for Dynamite, which is me. Hello everyone!

The “S” stands for Spice, which is Pichler’s nickname :)

We gave each other those nicknames in the very FIRST conversation we had together, about 2 days before our first date at The Press. We were bold, the conversation was SPLENDID and the nicknames have stuck ever since. I don’t know about you, but I’m basically melting from cuteness right now.

The hashtag “pichlerperfect” is the wedding hashtag that we came up with together. We LOVE puns and a play on words, so #pichlerperfect is a play on “picture perfect” and we are REALLY, really really really excited about using it!!!! :) :)

There he is, up there, strumming his guitar. ALL of this is for me. I’m so in love with this moment, this glimpse of unmatched bliss. He’s smiling at me, and I can feel every bit of the joy beaming from within him.

The lyrics begin…

“ooh ooh, ooh ooohh… We’ve been together, for some time and had our ups and downs. But OUR love seems to conquer all, and I love you more and more every day….”

My thoughts are everywhere. My butterflies have butterflies. I’m being rushed by every wonderful emotion, and there he is, my partner in love bringing me this incredible evening of happiness.

I begin to sway my body to the sound of the music, letting every part of me BE in this moment in time.

The song continues on…”I wanna take this time, and express the way I feel for you.. So I put it in a question, I hope you feel the same way too…”

Tears, tears, tears and more TEARS. I’m watching his gleaming eyes, following the movement of his pursed lips, listening to the sound if his sweet voice fill my heart. I’m enthralled with every part of his existence.

He’s strumming, and singing…

“…and I can tell you know what is coming, the tears in your eyes are running, as I get on one knee…”

I can feel his heart beating. I can see the tenderness in his eyes.

“…You’re the woman of my life, I want to spend the rest of my life, with yoooou. Do you too? Will you marry me?…”

Amazed. Awe struck. Overjoyed. I continue to watch intently, listen keenly and cry unremittingly.
EMPHASIS on all of that.

There comes a point towards the end of this beautiful song where it’s strictly instrumental, and at this point.. Pichler sets down his guitar, walks over to me and asks for my hand to dance. Just FYI, I AM SOBBING an ocean of the happiest tears at this point.

He takes my hand, gently wraps me into his arms, and dances with me to the instrumental ending of the song. He brings his face down towards mine, I can feel his breathing before anything and then our tears touch. It was such a sweet, enchanting moment for us.

The song comes to a close, and he clenches my hand tightly.

He slowly pulls away from my body, reaches for his pocket, and then the moment we have all been waiting for…

He gets down on one knee.

It’s inexplicable, this feeling. This moment. This divine, glorious instant of unimaginable ecstasy.

He asked, “Karay Marj’e Masin, will you marry me?”

Actually. Hang on. Can I be honest for just one tiny second?! I have NO IDEA what name he addressed me when he asked me to marry him! For all I know, he could have said, “Banana, will you marry me?”


This is my defense. Listen up, listen closely.

He’s down on one knee, and the words “Will you marry me” come out of his mouth I’m sure of it, but I was immediately rocketed with spaceship/jet fuel juice to another planet of unworldly happiness the minute he pulled out the ring BOX. Yes, you heard me….the ring BOX ladies and gentlemen.

You’re still thinking I’m off the wall crazy at this point, so let us be enlightened. My fiance’ is the CRAZY one, for trying to kill me with the most amazing ring box of a lifetime.

Take a trip down memory lane for a bit, to the movie “UP” that came out a few years ago. This was the first movie that Pichler and I watched together, and we absolutely ADORED it. Except for the part where it’s practically the saddest animated love story of all time and leaves you feeling empty and solemn. But stay focused with me now! It’s the concept that we enjoyed and relished in, of everlasting commitment and undying love for one another. Such twisted saps we are, huh?!

So in the movie Up, there is an adventure book that gets introduced. If you’ve seen the movie, I’m certain you can acutely recall HOW ridiculously ADORABLE IT IS :) For those of you that have not seen the movie Up, stop right now and go watch it. Or, if perhaps you’d rather continue reading this heartfelt novel and just cannot wait to unveil the finish, then just take a second and google the adventure book.

Now, begin to imagine this book in your mind. Picture everything about it. The edges, the writing, the content, the cuteness. You got it? Now take that image you have of the adventure book and ZAP it into the cutest little mini version of a book ever. You know, like regular Snicker candy bar TO fun size Snicker candy bar. THEN, imagine that little mini-adventure book used as a proposal ring box. It is to die for!!!!
And OH MY GOOODNESSSSS, mini size makes everything 100 times more stinkin’ cute in my opinion… so he was totally playing the judge on this one. Well played, fiancé. Well played.

Wrapped around in twine, tied into a bow at the top, the ring box stays held together. The cover is an adorable, weathered piece of cardboard, with bits of dark blush ribbon adhered in certain spots to resemble the binding of an actual book.

“Our Adventure Story” is on the cover, meticulously written with each letter colored differently. As you open the ring box, your attention is drawn to the border of each and every page. He tinted each edge with a new color, giving it dimension and vigor. Every page is dated and entails the memories of our first conversation where we gave each other the nicknames Dynamite and Spice, written in the most precious 5 year old look-alike cursive, all leading up to our very first date at The Press.

He even kept the original receipt from that FIRST date, and affixed it to one of the pages as part of our story.

Who am I marrying?!

Can you blame me for not hearing what name he used when asking for my hand on marriage?? Banana, Q-tip, Sock monster, Wheels, Squirt… YES, yes I’ll marry you! :)

It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, ever. The ring sits right in the middle of the back pages that are bound together, with the words saying, “Will you continue the adventure with me?” on that page. DIED. DEAD. *sigh*

Do you think it’s over? Because it’s NOT. There’s more, there’s always MORE with this guy :)

As Pichler would say in his info-mercial voice… “BUT wait, there’s more. If you order now….we’ll throw in not 1, but 2…”

Hmm, I wonder if that applies to engagement rings…. ;)

So he hired a photographer to capture the moment. *insert applause*

The photographer captured some pre-proposal photos too, claiming to be with the live band and snapping pics for social media. Clever, clever! So we get in our celebrity fix, posing for photos after the proposal and taking it ALL in.

We sit back down at our table, and guess what??

Remember that gentleman standing off to the side of Pichler on stage that couldn’t wipe that cheesy smile off of his face? Yeah, yeah… that grin monster was actually the song writer and musical artist for the song that Pichler sang to me!!!

He was up there with Pichler as the backup guitarist, and carrying him through the song in case the “I’m about to propose” nerves decided to take over and engage the “I forgot everything I learned and also how to use my fingers” mode. We humans also like to call this… Having a “Plan B.”

Let me introduce, the VERY talented Drew Anthuny, for a second.

He wrote and recorded the song, “Marry Me” on his album, “The Last Loving Breed.”

Pichler came across a song on that album that caught his attention. It had a great sound and connected with him, so he decided to look up the rest of the album. The song “Marry Me” started to play, and as Pichler would retell the story, he said, “I knew I had to sing her THAT song when I proposed, I just didn’t know how or where or anything else.”

A man on a mission, Pichler reached out to Drew and asked not only if he could have permission to sing his song to propose, but also for a little help in learning it on the guitar. In a matter of a few weeks, through Skype sessions, secret practicing and two California visits, these two complete strangers became great friends through the avenue of music and it’s miraculous way of speaking the language of love.

Drew’s music is one of a kind- melodies of uncanny sweet rock and harmonious, subdued rhythm incorporating whispered tones of sultry romance.

I listen to the song “Marry Me” EVERY s.i.n.g.l.e day.

After meeting and mingling with Drew for a bit, he leaves us to enjoy the rest of our evening.

JUST as I’m about to settle in and kiss my fiance’ a million times, our waiter brings us two glasses filled with celebratory cider that Pichler had made for us….

Details, upon details, upon details… ALLLLLLLLLLL night long.

The glasses were those big, awesome beer steins.

Y.E.S!!!! yes! Yyyeeeeesssss!!!

We have a thing about collecting all different shapes and types of mugs/steins/cups to have a fancy, yet eclectic array of options for hosting parties and decorating our future in-home bar. Dream BIG, right?!

So I had been mentioning that we didn’t have any glass beer steins and how I would LOVE love love to add those to our existing collection of glasses. AND also to drink massive amounts of cider in them, just saying.

He had our glasses engraved. Obviously right?! This guy doesn’t miss an opportunity to slam dunk.

One one side, it read:

“She said yes!”

On the other side it had our respective nicknames and our hashtag, so mine looked like this:


I can’t stop thinking: “He’s adorable, he’s fascinating…. HE’S MY FIANCE’!!!!!!!” Hot diggity, that feels good to say.

To be on the receiving end of this man’s boundless love makes me the luckiest girl in the world, and reliving this night in memory will have me smiling for the REST of my life. Thank you for reading our story.

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Special Thanks

Drew Anthuny
 | Musician
Steven Nguyen
 | Friend/Photographer
David Pichler
 | FIance'