Sarah and Karam

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How We Met

Karam’s Version, How I Had Met the Women of my Dreams: Mind you that we were both dating people when we had met. And about a month prior we had met, I had prayed for her… I went to Vegas that year in august. Before the trip while I was packing I remembered just sitting on my bed and literally talking out loud to God, and begging for him to send me the one who was for me. I didn’t care about ethnicity or anything. Just love.

We met through a mutual friend Navi. Ive known Navi since grade 7, and my wife-to-be knew her through work. For some reason I called Navi to see if she wanted to hang out that day. She was already hanging out with her work friends and invited me to join. I showed up and started making friends. It was great. Everyone was chill, and having a good time. Then the last person to show up was Her. My god she was stunning. I couldn’t not talk to her. She had that whole good girl vibe going on and I was loving it. She was so cute. Her giggle, her smile, just everything about her had me captivated…obviously I didn’t show it, you’ve gotta play it cool no matter what haha. It was home time so I left. Soon as I got home, I was asking Navi about Her.

I couldn’t stop thinking about her and I didn’t know why. Our souls were attracted to each other right away and the connection seemed almost familiar. So sometime in Oct of 2013 both of our relationship had ended and we found each other instantly. Our friend Navi had texted me tell me about her break up. It couldn’t have been more perfect timing.

Sarah, How I met my love,

We met through a mutual friend of ours, Navi. That day I was meant to meet up with some work friends and was running late. I was taking transit downtown and when I jumped off I realized that I was lost. Having walked almost 7 blocks in circles, twice, I decided to give up and go home knowing that I wasn’t going to make it to the cafe. After giving my friends one last call, I decided that I could do this and walked around a little more, eventually finding the cafe! I was with Navi and a group of friends when she decided that she was going to invite her friend, Karam, because they haven’t seen each other for so long and wanted to catch up. We both ended up meeting each other that day at the cafe.

I think the moment we saw each other we knew that there was something there to be explored. We kept looking at each other from behind Navi, often just taking quick glances at each other, and often her catching us. I thought hey he’s cute, but he looks like he going to be trouble. But after the meet at the cafe we never talked for months after. I headed off to backpack Europe and came back a month later.

Finally we found each other on Facebook and started just messaging each other through that. We decided “hey!, lets go out for dinner”. The dinner turned into a walk around a lake with us spilling stories about our lives, relationships, what we wanted from our future selves. It was the most amazing, most honest first dated we’ve ever had. He really showed me a side of who he was, something I wasn’t expecting someone to share on the first date. It really made me realize how one can truly trust the other without fully knowing who they are. That’s when you know.

how they asked

Karam’s version, How I proposed to the love of my life…

Well it started with the ring of course. I got it custom made and picked out the centre stone myself. This was literally the biggest step for me since I’ve never had to think about it before, but for some reason I knew that once this task was completed that the rest would follow suit. Fast forward 7 weeks to the our weekend getaway in our own backyard in a town called Banff. I’ve still got literally no idea how I’m going to propose or even where. Banff itself is a magical place filled with breath taking views of snowy mountains and nature at its finest. So finding a place to do the deed shouldn’t be too hard right?

The entire weekend was leading up to this single moment. A moment Ive been playing through my mind for months and months. Everything obviously needed to be perfect. The timing had to be on point. She still doesn’t have the faintest idea about whats going on. Ive been playing it cool the entire time. So we settled on a hike for Sunday the 16 of October. Its an easy hike and we’ve been there before. But the the place was closed down for renovations! Now Im starting to feel the pressure build up because today was definitely the day. Instead of hiking we decided to take a gondola up to Sulphur Mountain. It was fairly busy, but once we reached the top I started to worry. It was gusting wind and snow. Great, so now she’s going to be frozen and this is totally unromantic. The sun started poking through the cloud and we got some beautiful moments where there was literally no wind. So now I’m back in the game…

We walked to a few lookouts to take in the awe inspiring views. It was amazing. We took selfies and held each other at every moment. We went to the top and then decided okay it’s time to go but before we did I told her that I wanted to spend some time at a lookout where the weather conditions were perfect and the foot traffic was super low.

I looked her right in the eyes and without hesitation dropped down to my knee and held up the ring. She was having a hard time believing what was happening. I couldn’t hear anything around me. I was too focused in on her. I totally surprised her and after what seemed to be an eternity of silence , the word YES hit my eardrums. We got engaged on top of a mountain, something she’s dreamed of and something I had no idea about.

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Sarah’s version, We decided to take a weekend trip out to Banff to celebrate our 3rd year anniversary. Somehow he knew I’ve always wanted to have the same anniversary date each year. It was our last day to our weekend trip and we had planned to go the Johnston’s Canyon for a hike that day. After finding out it was closed down for renovations we changed plans and stayed in Banff for a gondola ride. We were taking a gondola ride up the mountain, when we finally reached the top and then decided to hike further up the mountain to reach the peak. After a cold, and windy hike up, we reached the second cliff at the top of the mountain. At this point in time I was freezing my pants off trying to stay warm. It was like a blizzard up there! Ice was hitting me in the face, wind was drying out my contacts, my face was frozen solid, it was a mess. He on the other hand was doing just fine.

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Nevertheless the sight was gorgeous. We looked out towards the snow-filled mountains, just taking in the breathtaking, serene scenery in front of us. It was an amazing moment to have spent that time with someone I loved. Being in such wonderful moments of silence with him. At this time I noticed the sun coming out and the wind dying down around us.

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That’s when he dropped to one knee and told me that he had been waiting so long to find the right moment to ask me to marry him. I had such a derp moment, trying to register what was happening. I jumped on him and screamed YES! And then proceeded to punch him in the chest for no reason at all ( instinct when someone decides to surprise me in any way LOL), actually for making me hike up a mountain in a blizzard to get my ring ( no regrets, it was all worth it :) )

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