Karalyn and David

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How We Met

David and I met as juniors in high school through work, we worked together for a whole year until one day he came up to me and said ” you have the most gorgeous eyes, just thought you should know”. From then on it was history we’ve dated through to our now senior year in college. We’ve had a very fairy tale relationship, being high school sweethearts and now the power couple on campus. Many of our friends refer to us as “#goals” because we have a very real and open relationship.This is not to say we haven’t had many trials and tribulations, we’ve been through many ups and downs. The best thing is that we always come out of struggles stronger than ever. We compliment each other perfectly he’s a business oriented perfectionist and I’m a loud and outgoing ball of adventure. David is truly my prince charming and we are just aiming to have a fairy tale life with a happily ever after.

how they asked

Since we have been together a long time I knew the proposal was coming any day now. We are nearing our college graduation and we had discussed being engaged around the time of graduation. It was a normal lazy Sunday afternoon, I was just relaxing and waiting for him to come over to head to a campus event when out of nowhere he texted me saying he was at my house. I went to my front door to find not my boyfriend but a box with a note and balloons. I open the note and its him professing how much he loves me and what I mean to him. It also informs me that there is an outfit in the box and I have one hour to get ready for a romantic evening. One hour later his current roommate and our future best man comes to pick me up, he says he doesn’t know where we are going and was simply given an address. As we start to drive I realize we are heading towards Indianapolis which is a place where we have shared many dates and memories. We arrive to the GPS destination and I instantly recognize the place, it’s a fancy downtown restaurant where we’ve always talked about going but never have. I enter the restaurant and quickly notice my boyfriend at a table with a dozen roses and rose petals covering the table. He greets me just like normal and from what it appears we are going to have a normal sit down dinner. He begins to ask what I’m going to eat and I insist that I’m not that hungry. After finally searching through the menu I flip it over and the bottom of the menu reads “Karalyn will you marry me?”.

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Cue the tears. I begin to cry and I cant fully remember what he said in that moment. All I remember is him on one knee and asking me to be his queen ( a play on our usual nicknames princess and prince charming). While this is all occurring there’s 2 photographers at the next table snapping away and they stayed to have a mini photo session afterwards. It was a beautiful day that I will never forget.

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Special Thanks

Danielle & Bryce
 | Photographer