Kara and Tim

Image 1 of Kara and TimHow We Met: I am very thankful that I had great roommates in college. One of my roommates, Ashlyn, is actually the reason my fiancé and I are together today.

Ashlyn was in the Psychology Masters Program where she became friends with her new roommate, EB. EB has just started dating a guy named Joseph. On night Ashlyn was hanging out with EB, Joseph, and a bunch of Joseph’s close friends. There she met my fiancé, Tim. At one point she was left alone with him and of course, being a psych major she started grilling Tim about religion, politics, sports, and anything you could think of. After that conversation Ashlyn called me right after I was getting off work and told me she met the perfect guy for me and that I needed to come to this house party. I wasn’t convinced and thought it would be awkward so I flipped a coin and it decided for me that I would go.

I hadn’t met EB or Joseph before so when I arrived Ashlyn was the only one I knew. It was apparent that everyone there knew I was there because I was being set up with Tim and I was right, it was very awkward for me. I was talking mainly with Ashlyn because EB, Joseph and Tim were all playing beer pong. I made conversation with another one of Joseph’s friends. Eventually the game was over and then Joseph came over to talk to me. EB and Tim were still playing. Joseph and I were getting along great and I thought he was so handsome and that EB is a lucky girl. A little while into our conversation I became uncomfortable because we were really hitting it off and I felt like Joseph was flirting with me. Since EB was Ashlyn’s friend I wanted to make a nice first impression and this wasn’t it! I could tell EB was watching us (along with everyone else in the garage).

A few minutes later, Tim’s mom comes into the garage and says to me “I’m so sorry, I feel so bad and I have to let you know, you’ve been talking to my son Timothy all night. They’ve been playing a trick on you.” I was a relieved because that meant it was ok that I was attracted to this man since he wasn’t Joseph, but he was Tim! It wasn’t nice that everyone played a practical joke on the new girl but it all worked out for the best because if I had known I was talking to Tim I would have been really shy. We have talked every day since and I am so glad the coin flip told me to go.

how they asked: I’m in a Masters program and I was taking a weekend class with my long time friend Rebecca. On Saturday Becca and I were talking during our lunch break about her wedding and then she asked me when Tim was going to propose. I said I didn’t know but I hope it’s soon because I was ready! (We had been talking about it lately and I knew he had asked my dad for permission.) Later that afternoon Tim texted me and asked if I wanted to go for a hike after class on Sunday. I told him I didn’t know because it was only Saturday. But he persisted and said that I should invite Becca and her fiancé, Eric, to come too. This wasn’t too out of the ordinary because we had gone hiking with them before. Becca said yes, so the hike was on.

Fast forward to Sunday and the class got out early. I get home and the hike didn’t start until 7pm so I suggested we watch Finding Nemo to kill time. I had been trying to get Tim to watch Finding Nemo for a month now so I was really happy when he agreed to watch it without hesitation. The movie finished just in time so we went to Wildwood for the hike right after. When we arrived not only were Becca and Eric there, but so were 9 of our other close friends. At this point I starting wondering if Tim was going to propose because A) he never plans our outings B) he invited everyone and some of the people never hike and C) looking back it was way too easy to get him to watch the movie.

We all started on the trek up to Lizard Rock and the whole time I had butterflies in my stomach wondering if he was going to ask. I didn’t want to get carried away in my mind just in case this wasn’t the proposal. When we made it to the rock, Tim strayed away from the group and climbed to the top of the rock. Everyone told me to join him and that’s when I knew it was definitely happening. He kneeled down on one knee and yelled my full name and asked if I would marry him so everyone could hear. Of course I said yes! We were kissing and then next thing I hear is a champagne bottle being popped. Michael, Tim’s brother had carried up a bottle in the backpack and had cups for everyone. We were all able to cheers. Eric had brought his camera and he was able to capture the magical event.

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Later I was talking to Tim about it and he said he had been wearing the ring all day Saturday and decided he didn’t want to wait any longer to propose. That’s when he texted me. He said he wanted to propose in a place that was special to us and with people we love surrounding us. I couldn’t think of a better way to be proposed too <3 The proposal and the ring, just like him, are perfect for me.