Kara and Sean

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How We Met

We worked together for about a year before either one of us had the courage to make a move! He then took a job in Houston, Texas and I moved here shortly afterwards. We’ve been together for almost 4 years.

how they asked

It was the same day as my law school graduation, so both of our families had flown in from out of state. I went to go get a celebratory drink after the graduation ceremony with my dad and brothers. When we returned home, Sean was in our front yard with our two dogs, Rudy and Luna. When I got closer, I could tell the dogs were both wearing shirts that said “will you marry me” on them. They were wagging their tails and were so happy to see me, it was absolutely adorable. When I got inside the gate, Sean got down on one knee and proposed with my pups standing guard. When I opened the ring box, there was a ring pop inside (Sean thinks he is hysterical.) When I asked him where the real ring was, he said I had to find it. I saw my big girl Luna had a bow tied around her neck. After I struggled for a solid 5 minutes to get her to settle down, I managed to untie the ribbon from around her neck (and she managed not to swallow my beautiful, dream engagement ring.) The rest of our families were watching and cheering from our front porch balcony. It was perfect!

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