Kara and Scott

How We Met

I had recently started a new job, and as my coworkers got to know me, I heard “you HAVE to meet Scott,” more and more.
Scott and I had the same perspective on dating, and our coworkers and friends thought it was so strange. Neither of us dated unless we saw a potential future with the other. Neither of us had found that yet, and our friends were convinced we’d find that with each other.
Scott worked at a different location, so they arranged a time for us to meet. We immediately hit it off and planned on getting coffee later that week.
I’m so thankful our friends introduced us because they were right, we did find a future with each other.
How sweet it is to be each other’s first and only love. Image 1 of Kara and Scott

how they asked

On our first date, Scott picked me up for our first date. When he came to the door, my family invited him in and we ate dinner together. Not your typical first date, but it was perfect. After dinner, we went to Stories Coffeehouse where I got a raspberry sipping chocolate and he got a salted caramel sipping chocolate. Maybe I was nervous and not thinking clearly, because I don’t even like raspberries; we traded drinks. That night, we had the sweetest, most thoughtful, and engaging conversation I had ever had. I was captured by Scott and his love for Christ and people.
Fast forward two years to August 21st, 2015, the day I’ll never forget.

Scott picked me up around 5pm to get dinner then babysit his sweet nephew. It felt like any other day. On the way home, he took a “wrong turn” and he went on about how he’s so tired he wasn’t even paying attention to where he was turning. But instead of getting back on the right road, he turned into the parking lot of Stories and said “let’s get a cup of coffee.” I thought this was so strange because he was just talking about how tired he was, but hey, if the man wants a cup of coffee! We sat down at the same table we sat at on our very first date, where it all began. There was a musician singing love songs and lights all around our table. He ordered me a raspberry sipping chocolate and a salted caramel sipping chocolate for himself, but we traded, of course. He started smiling and reminiscing about our first date and all we’ve gone through since then, that’s when I got shaky anticipating what was coming. “There is no one I’d rather spend my life with, Kara.” I’ll be honest, everything he said after that is such a blur because I broke out in tears. He got down on his knee and asked me to marry him, I SAID YES. Scott Matthew, you are my best friend. You continue to amaze me with your kindness, humility, love, and grace. You encourage me, and you continually point me to our loving Savior. I am tremendously thankful for you, and I am beyond blessed to have a love like this. I can’t wait to spend my life with you. I love you.
Image 2 of Kara and Scott Image 3 of Kara and Scott

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