Kara and Samuel

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How we met: Samuel and I met at my old friend’s house my freshman year of high school when I was 15, and his sophomore year of high school when he was 16. I had seen him before around school, but we didn’t really know each other. A few days after we met, we started talking to each other, and the rest is history. He would meet me after class to bring me Pop Tarts. Shortly after that, we became high school sweethearts.

how they asked: It was like any other Thursday evening. Every Thursday, he had a flag football game at Bob Briscoe Park. He asked me to be at the game a little early so he could talk to me before the game started; so, I showed up early with my best friend, who had wanted to go to the game with me, even though she had never been to a game before.

A few minutes later, he asked me to take a picture with him on the football field before the game started. At this point, I still didn’t think anything of it.

I went on to the field, where his friend’s wife, who is a photographer began taking some shots of us. My best friend tagged along, and she took a few pictures of all three of us on the field. Next, my best friend stepped aside, and she began taking some shots of just the two of us. All of a sudden, he asked me to turn around; and when I did, his teammates and friends were holding up the hand-painted “MARRY ME” sign.

His friends and family helped him paint each letter two shades of pink with glitter, because I love anything that sparkles, and pink is my all-time favorite color. Between each letter, there was a sunflower, because sunflowers are my favorite flower. I was in complete shock. I couldn’t believe after 5 years, this was finally happening. He got down on one knee, and asked me the famous words every girl can’t wait to be asked: “Will you marry me?” Cue the water works!

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It was one of the best days of my life, and I’m so thankful his friends and family and my best friend were there to be a part of our special day, and for our photographer friend who captured it all! It was perfect.

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Photography: Tosha Ramirez